Mario Kart Tour: Tips and Tricks Tutorial To Improve Your Gameplay And Keep You Ahead Of The Pack For Android And iOS Devices

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Mario Kart Tour is finally available on Android and iOS devices, much to the excitement of all hardcore Mario Kart fans. With new tracks, karts, characters and more, Mario Kart Tour looks to be one of the most complete entries into the franchise, with many looking for tips and tricks to top the leaderboards.

With various control schemes in order to help both new and experienced Mario Kart players, there are always new ways to get ahead of the opposition. Here are our tips and tricks to win and be the envy of all of your friends on Mario Kart Tour.

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Choose A Control Scheme That Suits You

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or jumping into Mario Kart for the very first time, it is important to choose a control scheme that suits your style of play and maximises your emjoyment. Below are the all the control schemes and settings that you can select on Mario Kart Tour:

  • Manual Drift - Touch the screen to initiate a drift when entering a corner. A good scheme to use for veteran players who understand the mechanics. Scoring Ultra mini-turbos is possible using this control scheme and could be the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Smart Steering - Steering assistance won't be as strong when this setting is turned off. If you prefer more control when racing, this is the best option to give you maximum control over the car.
  • Auto-item - When activated, the items that you obtain from an item box will automatically be used as opposed to you having control on when to throw your banana or drop a blue shell on the leader!
  • Gryo-Handling - This setting allows you to steer your kart by tilting your device left and right. Offering a more interactive experience, it could be the setting of choice for experienced mobile gamers.

Don't Forget To Boost!

As always with a Mario Kart title, a good start can give you the early lead in a race. As the clock counts down, tap the screen when "2" appears to get a speed boost off the line to get ahead of the pack. It's a great way to overtake when starting towards the back of the grid.

Boosting will also increase your overall score, the more score you earn during a race, the more stars you earn when the race is finished. On every course, there are lots of little elevations on the track that can be used to grab a sneaky burst of speed. 


Time Your Item Usage

More often than not, a well-placed and a well-timed item can make the biggest impact during a race. If you're in the lead and grab a banana from one of the item boxes, hold onto it to block any incoming red and green shells from disrupting your path to victory.

If you're battling in the middle of the pack, dispatching of your items quickly can have a massive impact on the outcome of a race. Dropping a bomb can clear out multiple racers in quick succession, opening up your path towards the front of the field.


Take Advantage of Favored Tracks


Selecting a track to compete in brings up a list of characters, karts, and gliders, all sorted by the bonuses they offer to that particular track. The more favored the character or equipment, the more bonuses you'll get for competing on that course. Equipment alone multiplies your score for finishing well, but Favored characters are even more immediately impacting, offering three items per item box for you to chuck at an unwitting rival.

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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95