Clash of Clans: December Update And Challenge Details In Clashmas

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The Clash of Clans December challenges are now live for the popular mobile game.

This is the last big update that is scheduled for 2019, which is without surprise, the Christmas update brings Town Hall 13 along with it.

Clash of Clans continues to get into the holiday spririt with the seasonal challenges, introducing an entirely new track of reward of the Gold Pass, including a new Barbarian King.

Here's everything we know about Clashmas and the new season for December.


Town Hall 13

The Town Hall 13 theme is "Dark Elixir" and "Ice", you'll soon notice both elements through the entire village.


With this, you'll notice a darker palette than normal. Where Town Hall 13 turly shines is when the Giga Inferno gets activated.

To upgrade to Town Hall 13, you need to fully upgrade your Town Hall 12 (including the Giga Tesla). Upgrading the Giga Inferno increases damage and duration of the special ability.


Giga Inferno

Functioning similar to a multi-mode Inferno Tower, the Giga Inferno will target numerous attackers and will do damage over time.

Like the Giga Tesla, the Giga Inferno can be leveled multiple times. Once Town Hall 13 reaches zero Hit Points, the Giga Inferno will explode, dealing damage to any enemy units within range.

However, when you’ve upgraded the Giga Inferno to level 3 and up, the explosion has an extra bonus effect: a haze of ice will blanket an area surrounding the destroyed Town Hall, slowing the enemies down for a duration of time depending on the level of the Giga Inferno.

Finally, even the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome doesn’t grant full immunity to the effects of the Giga Inferno.

While Eternal Tome may protect your troops from any damage that may be caused by the exploding Town Hall, it does not prevent your troops from being slowed down by the icing effect from the Giga Inferno’s explosive demise.


Special Ability Freeze


The Town Hall 13 still explodes, just as the level 5 town Hall 12, but this explosion has a special ability: a haze of ice will blanket an area, slowing down enemies for a period of time depending on the level of the Inferno.

This haze of ice can't be stopped by the Warden Eternal Tome.

December Season Update & Challenges

When purchasing the Gold Pass ($4.99) you'll immediately unlock the Jolly King skin.

The 2019 Christmas Tree special obstacles should start spawning once the Christmas update arrives. The Ice Wizard also return.

How Do Challenges Work?

There are two types of challenges: 3 daily challenges that are refreshed everyday and 24 monthly challenges that are unlocked every week (6 new challenges every week).


Season Challenges are automatically unlocked to all players with a Town Hall 7 or higher. You can access using the Season Challenges shortcut that is located next to the "Attack" button.

Completing challenges will reward you with a new currency called Challenge Points. These will make progress towards a challenges road, with 30 rewards on the road.

There are two Tiers of season challenges: Silver and Gold

The Silver tier is free, where as the Gold tier costs money to have but gives you much more in return.

December Challenges

This Season Challenges features the following rewards:

  • Silver Tier: 6 Potions and 1 Book of Heroes
  • Gold Tier: 7 Potions, 1 Shovel of Obstacles, 3 Runes, 18 Wall Rings and 3 Books, including a rare Book of Everything

As always, there are also the Season Bank to all users and the perks Builder Boost, Research Boost, Training Boost and 1 Gem Donation to those who purchase the Gold Pass. This time the Training Boost is only 20%.

To unlock all rewards you will need 2600 Challenge Points. The Silver Tier is free to all players, the Gold Tier costs 5 US Dollars.


Here is the complete list:

Challenge Points Gold Silver
440Jolly King SkinPower Potion
801 Gem Donations 
12010% Builder BoostHero Potion
16010% Research Boost 
20010% Training Boost500,000 Elixir
260Bigger Season Bank (10,000,000) 
320Book of Fighting500,000 Gold
380Book of Spells 
440Power Potion5,000 Dark Elixir
500Hero Potion 
5806x Wall Ring1,000,000 Elixir
660Bigger Season Bank (15,000,000) 
74015% Research Boost1,000,000 Gold
82015% Training Boost 
90015% Builder Boost10,000 Dark Elixir
980Shovel of Obstacles 
10606x Wall RingPower Potion
1140Bigger Season Bank (20,000,000) 
12203x Training PotionHero Potion
130020% Research Boost 
1400Power PotionTraining Potion
150020% Training Boost 
1600Hero Potion1,500,000 Elixir
170020% Builder Boost 
18506x Wall Ring1,500,000 Gold
2000Bigger Season Bank (25,000,000) 
2150Rune of Elixir15,000 Dark Elixir
2300Rune of Gold 
2450Rune of Dark ElixirBuilder Potion
2600Book of EverythingBook of Heroes


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91