Tomb Raider is Getting a Netflix Anime Adaptation

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Tomb Raider is 25 years old in 2021, and to celebrate, Netflix is making a Tomb Raider anime series.

It's not slated for release until sometime after the Tomb Raider 25th anniversary, admittedly, but we do have the initial announcement and some additional news to tide us over until then.

If you've been keeping up with Netflix's growing roster of original anime, you're likely familiar with the team behind the Tomb Raider anime already. Don't expect anything from Eidos' original Tomb Raider games, though. The anime series is firmly rooted in the reboot trilogy.

Here's everything we know so far about the Tomb Raider anime series.

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Latest News

Lara Croft Voice Actor Revealed - September 13

Variety announced Hayley Atwell will voice Lara Croft in Netflix's Tomb Raider adaptation. Atwell is known for her role as Peggy Carter in Captain America, along with appearances in Brideshead Revisited and Christopher Robin, among other productions.

Tomb Raider Anime - Announcement

Netflix made the announcement on what's now the Netflix Geeked Twitter account, saying the Tomb Raider anime is set after the reboot trilogy.

The streaming giant offered no other details at the time.

Tome Raider Anime Trailer

Netflix has yet to grace us with a Tomb Raider anime trailer, but we'll update as soon as that changes.

Tomb Raider Anime - Studio

Powerhouse is the studio behind the Tomb Raider anime (thanks, Deadline). If that sounds familiar, there's a good reason. Powerhouse is responsible for both Netflix's Castlevania anime and upcoming Skull Island series. Netflix also said Legendary, makers of Dune, are working on the show.

Tomb Raider Anime Release Date

Netflix hasn't announced a release date or even a release timeframe just yet.

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