Super Mario Galaxy Switch: Release Date, Gameplay, Graphics, Screenshots, Price, Pre-Order Everything We Know About Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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Nintendo has finally announced Super Mario 3D All-Stars to celebrate Mario's 35th Anniversary.

And one of the big games arriving with it is the 2007 classic Super Mario Galaxy.

Nintendo took the familiar Mario format and took it to a different planet - literally.

With enhanced graphics, we're hoping this fan favourite will live up to its memory.

Let's take a look at everything we know so far!

Release Date

A release date is set for September 18th 2020!

The game will be available on the Nintendo Switch only.

The game is only available for a limited time and will expire in March 2021.


The game is retailing for £49.99/$59.99 USD/$59.99 CAD.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Remastered Gameplay

Mario Meets Rosalina...

— スーパーマリオブラザーズ35周年 (@supermario35th)
September 9, 2020

Opening level gameplay...

— スーパーマリオブラザーズ35周年 (@supermario35th)
September 9, 2020

Joycons in action

【ギャラクシー】ギャラクシーはJoy-Con 2本持ちプレイにも対応し、Wiiと変わらない操作感でもお楽しみいただけます。他にも、Joy-Conのおすそわけで2人協力プレイができるなど、お好みのプレイスタイルで楽しめます。#スーパーマリオ3Dコレクション
— スーパーマリオブラザーズ35周年 (@supermario35th)
September 9, 2020

What Games Are Included?

The games that will be included are:

Super Mario Galaxy

Mario blasts off on an intergalactic quest in Super Mario Galaxy to help Rosalina and save Princess Peach from Bowser’s assault of astronomical proportions.

Defy gravity and hop across planets with optional motion controls, or pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend for some extra help in Co-Star Mode!

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OUT OF THIS WORLD: The greatest Plumber in the galaxy?

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PIRANHA PLANET: Every world has a unique theme and even more interesting enemies

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BEE-MUSING: One of the stranger abilities that Mario has had...


The games will feature higher resolution, 16:9 screen ratio and also be compatible with the Joy-Con controllers!

Music Mode

Players can also listen to the game soundtracks for each version of the game.

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STAR POWER: Did you collect all 121 stars?


The game will be available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop.

A limited run retail edition and digital edition will be available for a limited time and run until March 2021.

You can pre-order it now:

Original Report

Back during the beginning of April, a report surfaced from VGC and a follow-up report from Eurogamer, which outlined some details regarding the remakes of certain Nintendo games. 

According to the official report which can be found here, VGC claims that:

"these remasters will include 1997’s Super Mario 64, 2002’s Super Mario Sunshine and 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy."


So it appears Nintendo is going all out for their 35 birthday, and this may also be in large part due to the on-going global pandemic. Perhaps Nintendo is filling the void that they originally had with other first-party titles, but are being forced to delay them. 

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