Stardew Valley: How To Get the Magnifying Glass and Secret Notes

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Stardew Valley. The player is standing in front of a house on their farm. There are crops in the upper left of the screen and a crystal in front of the player in the middle.

Secret notes are items in Stardew Valley that you can collect which contain information about the town and people. These notes can be diary entries, treasure maps, cryptic messages, or some even show locations of rare items. In total there are 25 secret notes in-game. Many are fairly easy to find but you'll need a magnifying glass first. This is why we're going to show you how to get a magnifying glass and where you can find the secret notes.

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How To Get the Magnifying Glass

A Magnifying Glass cannot be bought or created. You will get this piece of equipment after you complete the Winter Mystery quest. As the name suggests, you must be in the Winter season to be able to get this.

Where To Find Secret Notes

You can find secret notes in a variety of ways, this can be from killing monsters, cutting down trees, fishing, and more. Picking up the note it will go into your inventory, there you can click it and read it. Then it will be added to your secret notes tab. Here are all the secret notes and how to get your hands on them! Bear in mind some notes are just received from mundane tasks and so if there aren't specific instructions to obtain it below, it will randomly drop.

Abigail's Diary Entry

"It’s a page from Abigail’s Diary.

Things I love: the smell of carved pumpkin, keeping an amethyst under my pillow, chocolate cake, the thrill of spicy eel, and the comfort of Mom’s blackberry cobbler (I like to eat!)"

This note tells you what Abigail's favourite gifts are.

Sam's Holiday Shopping List"It’s Sam’s holiday shopping list.

Everyone’s favourites:

Sebastian: Frozen Tear, SashimiPenny: Emerald, PoppyVincent: Grape, Cranberry CandyMom: Crispy Bass, PancakesDad: Risotto, Roasted HazelnutsMe: Cactus, Maple Bar, Pizza."

Sam's list tells you some of the gifts the townspeople like.

Stardew Valley. Sam's Holiday Shopping List. The image shows a list that Sam has written about gifts for Sebastian, Penny, Vincent, his Mom, his Dad and himself.
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Leah's Perfect Dinner

"It’s written in Leah’s handwriting.

My idea of a perfect dinner would be salad, goat cheese, truffle, and wine. For dessert, I’d need a poppyseed muffin. Yum! If someone gave me one of these things, I’d melt."

Leah's note tells you what she likes.

Maru's Invention List

"It’s a note of Maru’s.

Parts still needed for my greatest invention yet!

Gold BarIridium BarBattery PackDiamondStrawberries"

This tells you what Maru likes.

Penny's Gift List

"It’s Penny’s handwriting.

I want to get everyone something they love!

Mom: Parsnip, Glazed Yams, NO BEER!Jas: Fairy Rose, Plum PuddingVincent: Pink CakeMr. Mullner: Leek, Fried MushroomGranny Mullner: Beet, Tulip”

This tells you what some residents love.

Stardrop Special Orders

"Stardrop Saloon Special Orders

Mayor Lewis: Autumn’s Bounty (Double order of high-fiber bread on the side)Marnie: Pumpkin Pie (extra whipped cream)Demetrius: Bean Hotpot (Make it spicy)Caroline: Fish Taco

(she wants triple the sauce! Better throw in a few extra napkins…)”

This lets you know some of the villager's likes. 

Diary Page

"It’s a page from someone’s diary…

There are only a few ‘older’ bachelors in town, and none of them are perfect! Harvey is really anxious and weak, but I know he would make a loyal and devoted husband. He likes coffee and pickles. Elliott is a bit foppish and melodramatic, but he does have a nice chin. He likes crab cakes and pomegranates.

Shane is messy and anti-social. But I think his gruff exterior is a defense mechanism, insulating his softness from the world. He likes, Beer, Pizza, and Pepper Poppers."

This note tells us Harvey, Elliot and Shane's likes.

A Letter To Haley and Emily

"To Haley and Emily.

Hope you two are doing well! We’ve sent you your favorite gifts: Pink Cake and Sunflowers for Haley, Gemstones and Wool for Emily!

– Love Mom and Dad"

These gifts are Haley and Emily likes.

Alex's Training Diet

"Alex’s Strength Training Diet:

Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner. (I’ve learned to love this food… I can feel the protein!)"

This shows Alex loves a Complete Breakfast and Salmon Dinner.

Skull Cavern

 "Someone is waiting for you on level 100 in the Skull Cavern…"

This will unlock the Cryptic Note quest.

Reaching level 100 in the Skull Cavern you'll meet Master Qi.

 He's impressed that you made it this far and will give you some Snake Milk, once drank your health is permanently 25 points higher.

An Old Picture

This note is an old photograph of Marnie and Jaas.

Garbage Diving Tips

"I've found some good things by looking in the garbage cans, on lucky days. Sometimes you'll find the 'dish of the day' behind the saloon...usually fresh! For dessert, I'll check the Mullners' can for cookies.

For treasures, check the cans by the blacksmith and museum."

These tips come from the garbage diving god himself, Linus.

Following the instructions, you can find new items in Pelican Town.

Plush Junimo Location

"12 o'clock noon SHARP. Last day of the season. Check the bush above the playground."

Go to the bush above the playground at 12 pm on the 28th day of any season, interact with it and you'll find a plush Junimo toy.

Stone Junimo Location

"I hid something behind the community center."

Head to the back of the community center at any point during the day to receive the Stone Junimo garden art. It's towards the right side of the center and you'll need to click around until the text pops. 

Mermaid Show Puzzle

"Mermaid Show: 1-5-4-2-3"

The Mermaid Show puzzle is available at the Night Market.

Go there and wait for the show to end then select the shells in the sequence on the note, get this correct and you'll receive a pearl.

Treasure Map 1

The note will tell you the location of some buried treasure.

Go behind the hot springs and past the train track, go to the top left of the map and dig next to the stone wall.

You'll get a treasure chest which can be sold for 5,000g.

Treasure Map 2

Go to the river by the community center on the right side at the top dig next to the boulder.

You'll receive a Strange Doll artifact which you can donate to the museum.

Treasure Map 3

Head to the Calico Desert, then go to the beach in the east corner and dig on the left of the bend.

You'll get another Strange Doll artifact, once again you can donate this.

Directions 1

This note will show you some green arrows pointing to an item.

Follow the directions till you run into an obstacle then move in the direction of the next arrow.

Start at Sam's house, this will take you to the Solid Gold Lewis Status behind Lewis' house.

Directions: Left, Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down

If you place the statue in the town (make sure it is not in the way of a villagers' path) the next day you'll find it replaced.

In its place will be a rotten plant and note with 750g.

"In the future, I'd appreciate it very much if you refrain from placing my PRIVATE belongings in the town for all to see! I'm very displeased! Take this money and never speak of my 'project' to anyone." 

Directions 2

Start in the town square in the middle of the brick circle.

Follow these directions and it will take you to the truck by Joja Mart.

Interact with the driver's side door and you'll begin a conversation with the driver.

The driver will ask for a Lucky Rabbit's Foot, give him one and you'll receive a Social Charm, increasing base luck.

Directions: Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Left

A Bush Meeting

This note is a little diagram showing the location of some treasure.

The clock shows the time at 12:40 am, there's a moon and an arrow pointing at a bush.

Shake the bush next to the bridge leading to the beach at 12:40 am.

Marnie and the Mayor will jump out of it and run away, ah romance.

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Mister Qi Quest

"Greetings, [farmer name]... Have you found my 'secret' in the dark tunnel? I look forward to meeting you! - Qi"

Head to the bus stop then go west to the tunnel and enter.


Halfway through there will be a box on the ball, put a battery pack in it and Miser Qi's questline will begin.

A Request For Maple Syrup

 "If yoo can reed dis..come to seecrit wuds. Pleez bring may-pal serrup."

Go to the Secret Woods between 6 am and 7 pm, make sure you have some maple syrup on you.

You'll meet a bear, don't worry, he's friendly.

He'll give you Bear's Knowledge, tripling the sale prices of Blackberries and Salmonberries

M. Jasper's Page

"It’s a page from M. Jasper’s book:

…the creatures, known by some as 'Forest Spirits' or 'Junimos', are said to appear in abandoned buildings after they’ve “gone to seed”. As a general rule… when humans leave, and nature begins to reclaim her territory, the Junimos will undoubtedly appear. Folk wisdom holds that the Junimos display some kind of resonant affinity with gemstones that are placed inside their little huts… Of course, all these claims come from dubious, unverified sources…As far as I know, even the mere existence of these creatures has never been proven!"

This tells you if you place a gem in the Junimo Hut, the Junimos that harvest crops will change colour.

Abigail's Note

 "I 'borrowed' a necklace from Mom, but lost it somewhere near the bathhouse...She's going to freak out if she notices it's missing."

Fish outside of the Spa during any season apart from winter.

When you find the Ornate Necklace give it to Abigail and you'll receive 100 friendship points with her.

Secret notes are a great way of learning more about life in Stardew Valley. While you are working on your farm, you may find that you are getting tired quickly. We've put together a guide that shows you how to restore your energy. We also have a guide that shows you how to repair the community center.

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