Skyrim modder brings Gotham Knights’ League of Assassins armour to Tamriel

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The League of Assassins armour from Gotham Knights in Skyrim.
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Modders have put an awful lot of effort into making sure Skyrim has continually evolved and expanded in the years since it was first released into the world.

Many have focused on changing the game by overhauling iconic quests, revamping menus, and adding interesting new collectables to it, with a few even going as far as re-creating areas from previous Elder Scrolls games or giving players the ability to be drop-kicked by a giant.


For those who love admiring how their character looks in a fresh set of armour and have a soft spot for superheroes, a new mod might be worth adding to your load order.

Fancy adopting some supervillain swagger during your next Skyrim session?

The mod in question is called ‘League of Assassins Armor’, and is the work of modder TenebrisEquitem, previous work has given you the chance to transform the Dragonborn into Batman in order to batter some bandits.

This time, with the permission of Warners Bros. Games, they’ve decided to bring the attire of the caped crusader’s regular adversary and occasional paramour Talia al Ghul wears in Gotham Knights to Tamriel.


Consisting of several modular pieces you can also team with other gear if you wish, the armour comes in black and white colour variations, both of which can be crafted and tempered at a blacksmith’s forge.

While its skirt might cause some clipping issues despite the use of DaydreamingDay’s ‘FSMP - Faster HDT-SMP’, the outfits fit pretty well into the aesthetic of Skyrim’s fantasy world, serving as interesting attire for any elite assassin or mage in search of something unique that blends intimidating vibes with intricate style.

Regardless of whether you’re now laying siege to Solitude with the goal of crushing the decadent civilization of the Imperials by bringing down their empire, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the interesting world of Skyrim modding. You can also check out our mods of the month for December 2022.