Sea of Thieves Season 3: Everything We Know

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Sea of Thieves switched to a seasonal model earlier this year, and we'd imagine it's been off to a good start for Rare's pirate adventure - and Season 3 is coming.

Taking the place of the previous monthly updates, seasons will include a Plunder Pass and other new content, including World Events and more.

Here's all we know so far, and we'll be sure to update this as we hear more.

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Sea of Thieves Season 3: Everything We Know

The headline addition to Sea of Thieves in Season 3 is, as revealed at Microsoft's E3 conference, the crossover between Rare's pirate title and Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Players can team up with Captain jack Sparrow, fight Davy Jones, and explore new locations like the Sunken Kingdom and more as part of the 'A Pirate's Life' update.

There are fresh enemies coming, too, including Sirens and Ocean Crawlers, with multiple variants of each.

Sea Of Thieves Season 3 Release Date

The new season kicks off on June 22.

Sea Of Thieves Season 3 Content

Season 1 added a new progression system to make players feel like they'd achieved something, no matter how long they played, and it appeared to be well-received by the game's ever-expanding community.

"These Deeds have been designed to suit all sorts of gameplay session lengths and will reward players with unique in-game items, running alongside recurring and one-off live Events to keep the world feeling fresh and ever-changing," a previous blog post explained.

Players can get their hands a new Trident of Dark Tides, too, that fires energy balls and can be charged.

Finally, if you're looking to swim deeper beneath the waves, you'll be able to replenish your oxygen using specific plants.

Sea Of Thieves Season 3 Plunder Pass

As you'd imagine with the Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, there's a new series of unlockable cosmetics - including Captain Jack's outfit. Whether or not this will be available in the Plunder Pass is unknown as yet.

We'll update this when we hear more, but here's what we know from Season 1 and 2:

Seasons will offer 100 progress levels that unlock character and ship cosmetics, pirate legends, and a new series of Pirate Trials. New goals will help players climb the ladder quickly, even in shorter play sessions.


Rare promises around $40 of loot in the premium pass from an investment of $10 (999 Ancient Coins) – with 11 premium items available that would otherwise be locked to the Pirate Emporium.


Check out the latest trailer below:

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