Red Dead Online Leaks Boats, Banks And New Location

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Red Dead Online has had a bunch of details leak!

We don’t know what content will be coming when, if it will release at all, but that won’t stop our hype train leaving the station! 

Here’s everything we know about the leaks.

The Leaked Boats

The unreleased features were discovered by Red Dead Online content creators.

They were buried in the game’s files and could be part of upcoming updates and future patches.

For now, there is no official word on any of this, and the features could get cut before they release but what’s on the cards is very enticing.

Youtuber Silentc0re created a video detailing the biggest discoveries.

The primary one, and most heavily featured in the footage above, was a drivable Tugboat!

At least four different boats were found in the game’s files, having been added with the Bounty Hunter DLC.

The fact that some are usable already suggests they could be coming really soon!

The next finds were files for Bank Vaults, Strongboxes, Jewellery Bags alongside either related items which give the indication that Bank Robberies are at long last on the way!

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Other Leaks


Separately, @RockstarGuides on Twitter found new in-game files that show Guarme could soon be a location.

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Check out the names of the last two files (Image: @RockstarGuides)

None of these files are currently in use and they could relate to a whole of host of new options.

As we learn more we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!

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