Pokemon Sword and Shield: Returning Pokemon That We NEED To See in Sword and Shield

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Pokemon Sword and Shield, the next installment in the Pokemon game franchise, is soon due for its debut on the Nintendo Switch. There's a lot of information that has already made it to the public about Pokemon Sword and Shield, such as the fact the game will appear at the Pokemon Championships 2020. We're especially excited to hear about the Pokedex for the Galar region, including all the new and returning Pokemon to be included.

Sword and Shield will be it's own new generation of Pokemon, meaning it will offer one of a kind Pokemon exclusive to the Galar region that will for sure be creative; including the two legendaries. There are some Pokemon within the franchise that are so iconic, that if they were left out of Sword and Shield, it would make the game feel incomplete. With this in mind, let's explore 5 Pokemon that we want to see return in Sword and Shield?


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Magnemite/Magneton - Kanto Region 

This electric type Pokemon is one of the notable Pokemon from the Kanto region not present in Sword and Shield, the Magnemite line has appeared in every Pokemon game so far so this will be its first one being excluded.

Magnemite has become a Pokemon that many trainers have gotten sick of throughout the years but it's disappearance from Sword and Shield will feel weird at first, I mean who doesn't love a good HM Pokemon?


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Torkoal - Hoenn Region 

One of the only Pokemon introduced in the Hoenn region without an evolution, Torkoal was the signature Pokemon of the Hot Springs location during Ruby and Saphire, as well as one of the main Pokemon of Flannery (the Lavaridge Gym leader).

Torkoal eventually received a Mega Evolution in future games, so not having it in Sword and Shield comes as a bit of a surprise to many fans. One of the most defensive Pokemon in all the games, along with high special attack ratings, Torkoal will forever remain in our hearts. 


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Aron/Lairon/Aggron - Hoenn Region 

During the early stages of the Hoenn region games, we can find the Aron evolution line very early on and eventually evolve it into its final form; Aggron. 

One of the strongest late game Pokemon in the entire region, Aggron is one of the most unique typings being Steel/Rock. Steel is one of the rarest typings throughout all Pokemon Games, although they may not hit the hardest they make up for it with their immense defensive rating.


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Gible/Gabite/Garchomp - Sinnoh Region

One of the only Sudo-Legendaries not to make it into Sword and Shield is the Garchomp line, from the Sinnoh region. One of the most overpowered Pokemon ever created, Garchomp has some of the highest attack ratings ever seen from a non-legendary Pokemon.

Fans want Garchomp to appear in Sword and Shield due to it's overpowered abilities but that may hinder it from having any chance at appearing in the final game. Garchomp should be in the game however if they bring back one Sudo-Legendary they must bring back all of them!


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Heracross - Johto Region

Perhaps one of the most loved and memorable Pokemon from the Johto region, Heracross was a special Pokemon for it's unique Bug/Fighting type; which made it a must-have for any Pokemon trainer, it was so strong that even Ash from the anime had to use one.

Nintendo NEED to include Heracross in Sword and Shield, no Pokemon team is truly complete without one of the best fighting type Pokemon of all time.


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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_