Pokemon Sword and Shield: Features And Changes We NEED To See In Nintendo’s Upcoming Release

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Pokemon Sword And Shield will have many new features and changes compared to previous games, many to the delight of fans and others to their displeasure. The Pokemon Sword and Shield release date is quicly approaching on November 15th, many will be thinking about which starter Pokemon they will begin with or how many Pokemon they will catch in their quest to complete the Pokedex.

With this in mind and how vocal fans have been towards the newest game, what could make this the best Pokemon game in recent memory? Here are three things that Pokemon Sword and Shield NEED to include.


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National Pokedex

This one may hit a soft spot for some Pokemon fans, as to this date Nintendo has confirmed there will NOT be a National Pokedex in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but we feel like this decision may be reversed due to the backlash received from it.

There were massive amounts of anger and backlash towards Nintendo, before this decision was made, as there were rumors circulating of the looming announcement; when Junichi Masuda confirmed it all at E3, there was a tidal wave of disappointment.


Having a National Pokedex within Sword and Shield was amongst fans top wishlist items, importing your favorite Pokemon into the newest game was a must-have for avid Pokemon fans. Although we do not know if Nintendo will revert this decision anytime soon, should they chose to implement the National Pokedex into Sword and Shield, it will be the right step towards making this one of the best Pokemon games of all time.

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An Actual Open World

From what we know so far it seems like the Galar region, which will be the home of Pokemon Sword and Shield, will be massively open compared to other Pokemon Games. It seems Nintendo is making everything open for exploration around the region, so it could play out much like a classic RPG game, rather than what Pokemon games have done in the past.


This is one of the features that fans are hoping Nintendo does not let them down by, with multiple trailers showing just how big the Galar region seems to be fans are optimistic that we will get to explore everything.

However, Nintendo should do more than just adding space to the map, give us more caves to explore more paths that can have side missions or new Pokemon to discover. The Galar region has massive amounts of potential it seems, it is up to Nintendo to give the fans what they want this time around.

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Massive Gym Battles

This is one feature that Pokemon should have implemented during Sun and Moon, or perhaps X and Y. If you have played any Pokemon game you know about the gym battles and how linear they are, you enter the gym, fight 1-5 trainers then fight the leader and it is usually relatively easy.


This NEEDS to change in Sword and Shield and it appears as it might be, with the teaser images of Sword and Shield showcasing the new gym leaders in a massive stadium setting this could finally be the gym battles we have been waiting for.

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_