Persona 5 Scramble Western Release Cancelled? New Update Isn't Good News For PS4 And Switch Fans

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Persona 5 Scramble, or to give it the full name, 'Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers' is currently available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan.

But for many months fans of the Persona series have been desperately waiting to find out when the action-RPG Musou take on Persona will come to western audiences.

It had looked as though developer Koei Tecmo were looking to bring the game to the west.

For one, the developer previously asked fans "How interested would you be in purchasing Persona 5 Scramble if it were to be released in the West?" in a poll.

Then the game was included in a Koei Tecmo financial report, which suggested an impending western release coming.

But that looks to have changed.

Has The Persona 5 Scrambled Western Release Been Cancelled?

As per Niche Gamer (via Siliconera), it looks as though the planned western release for Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers could be scrapped.

The latest financial report seems to have removed any and all mention of Persona 5 Scramble, which would indicate it is no longer set for release. Here's Siliconera with the key evidence: 

"Koei Tecmo’s IR Presentation page has since replaced the link for the latter report with a revised version that removed any mentions of Persona 5 Scramble‘s western releases on Page 11. Only the Asian localization of the game—released in June 2020—is mentioned on the 5th page of the revised document."

So for now, it does seem like the game's western release could be scrapped, or at the very least, indefinitely on hold.

We'll be sure to keep updating this story as more info becomes available.


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