Monster Hunter Rise Felvine: What it Does and How to Use It

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January 19, 2023: Monster Hunter Rise hits Xbox and Playstation tomorrow!

There are many smaller systems in Monster Hunter Rise that are not covered all that much in the tutorial. One such mechanic is the Felvine, which can be selected from your quick-menu and applied to your Palico. It’s a super useful tool that you should be using whenever you can, as it will give you the edge in some battles. To catch you up to speed we’ve put together this Monster Hunter Rise Felvine guide. We’ll explain what the Felvine does, how to use it and when it’s best triggered.

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What Does the Felvine do in Monster Hunter Rise?

The Felvine can be used once per quest, boosting your Palico’s performance in battle. It will give your Palico more to do, and it will be more involved with fights. Here are the main attributes that can be increased by using a Felvine:

  • Health Restoration
  • Increased Support Action Frequency
  • Evasive Maneuvers
  • Stronger Attacks

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How to Use the Felvine

The Felvine will automatically be equipped to your quick-menu, you just need to cycle through with left and right on the d-pad to select it. Once it’s highlighted, press up on the d-pad to trigger it. A purple icon will appear next to your Palico’s name, and they’ll get a boost.

When to Use the Felvine

It’s best to use the Felvine when fighting your main target. I generally trigger it in the middle of a fight, giving me extra support to beat the monster into a weakened state. You only get one use per Palico per quest.

That’s all you need to know about using the Felvine in MH Rise. For more help with the game visit our Monster Hunter Rise Beginners Guide. Once you’re done with that, head over to our look at crafting Tranq Bombs.


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