Modern Warfare Season 5: Azhir Cave Map Guide & Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

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Set four kilometres outside Tobraka, Urzikstan, Azir Cave is one of the many medium-sized maps on Modern Warfare.

With a somewhat traditional design, Azhir Cave features three distinct areas as opposed to three lanes. Each with their own unique features, it is possible to fully exploit the map to your advantage.

In this guide, we will attempt to show you the key hotspots, lines of sight, crafty camping spots and some Modern Warfare tips & tricks so you can dominate your opponents on the battlefield!


The Map

Azhir Cave comprises of three areas that offer many possibilities for players of all styles. With plenty of rushing routes through the cave network for sub-machine gunners and a plethora of sightlines for both assault and sniper rifles to utilise.

In objective modes such as Domination, map control is essential in order to lock the opposition into a near-unbreakable spawn trap so being in the right position to lock them in is key.


There is something for everyone on Azhir Cave. Sneaky spots to hide in the cover of darkness along with numerous places to mount your weapon and reign fire on the opposition.

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The Rug Shop

Located just outside the middle entrance to the cave, the rug shop (highlighted in orange) is a frequent hotbed of action in all game modes.

With a large open entrance on the ground floor, it is important to be very aware of flankers who may enter the building while you are aiming down sights (ADS) through the window overlooking the middle of the map.

On the first floor, there are two doors – one closest to the middle cut and one nearest the sheet metal wall. When sneaking around behind enemy lines, don’t forget to peek the doors so they open quietly and avoid raising any suspicion!

The Cave

The cave is the most unique feature on this map. Being set in near darkness, it is very difficult to see the enemy so positioning is key when looking to engage in any form of gunfight.

The two key areas to control are the northern side of the cave (highlighted in orange), which offers a raised platform with sandbags as cover and an armoured truck just below it, ideal for mounting or just using as a nasty headglitch.

The second area is the southern side. Players can control the middle cut with ease when mounting round on the blue barrel closest to the entrance (highlighted in blue) and the massive vehicle that players can get in the back of and even sneakily lay down under for maximum protection (highlighted in red).

Be aware of the well when defending this side! A cheeky claymore placed in the passageway guarantees a kill every time someone tries to flank.

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The North House & Broken “L” Building

The destroyed house at the northern side of the map is a near clean line of sight all the way down to the wooden bridge (highlighted in green).

Ideal for snipers or even a mounted light machine gun, it is possible to lock down that side of the map with ease when positioned well.


The L building offers so many lines of sight into various areas of the map. Players can see into the cave, across the abandoned football pitch and into the smoking chimney. Its important to be aware of the high access point to the building from the chimney (highlighted in red).

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How to Play


Thanks to the elements of verticality on Azhir Cave, there are a multitude of ways in which players can choose to play this map:

  • Stay in an elevated position – pick off enemies on the ground with ease as you sit atop a broken house.
  • Hard & Fast – The element of surprise is one of the more effective methods on Azhir Cave. Equip an SMG with Double Time to catch the passive players off guard.
  • Stealthy – Use the darkness of the cave to hide your movements and sneak behind the enemy for easy kills. Maybe even execute some brutal finishing moves if you’re feeling confident.

Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95

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