Legends of Runeterra: Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, Pre-Register And More On Riot Games New Mobile Strategy Card Game

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Legends of Runeterra is the latest title from Riot Games, adding their own unique twist on the digital card game genre that games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering have made famous.

With the game currently in Open Beta, new players have plenty of questions  - here's the latest information!

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April 2020 

Legends of Runeterra will be leaving open beta on April 30, on top of that, it will be adding 120 new cards alongside mobile crossplay!

What Is Runeterra?

Runeterra is a competitive card game in the League of Legends universe, drawing inspiration from the existing cast of characters and items, to provide a catalogue of cards for players to collect, draw, and play with.

If you're familiar with Hearthstone or Magic The Gathering, you'll understand what Legends of Runeterra is all about.

Runeterra is the place where League of Legends lore unfolds, hosting several unique regions with their own themes and champions to boot.

Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltover, Zaun, Ionia, and the Shadow Isles will be featured locations.

While some characters will be familiar from League, some won’t, but they’ll all be from the world of Runeterra.

Cards will be unlocked by picking a region, playing games and accumulating points; with more region-based loot being available.

Your preferred region can be changed whenever you want. The developers stressed during the stream that you will not have to pay for randomised packs to unlock cards in this game.There's also the addition of Wild Card packs to keep things fresh.

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Release Date & Pre-Register

Currently, there is no official release date; but it is aiming for a 2020 release.

Multiple Preview Patches were available to a limited player pool through the last quarter of 2019; the Open Beta will soon be available on January 24th.

You can already pre-register to play, on iOS and Android (with it also coming to PC), closed beta applications opening once the anniversary celebrations conclude.


You will face off in dynamic, alternating combat, which is full of opportunities to adapt and outplay your opponents, with decks of cards. Here's our guide on Runeterra decks.

It's all about the choices you make and the risks you take to win, with this turn-based combat. Every move matters and the outplays are all up to you. Combine, adapt, and experiment with frequent new releases for every region in an always-evolving meta.

Each round a player is either on offence or defence, where this game differs from other strategy card games you may be familiar with, both players can place cards at the same time.


There is a feature within the game called 'Oracle's Eye' that will help you see the outcome of your actions before it takes place; something to help ease newer players into the game and save you time with your decisions.

It is also confirmed that there will be a ranked mode.

With League of Legends still thriving and leading the story, you can expect the game to be regularly updated globally.

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