Returnal Has Gone Gold, Housemarque Announces

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2021’s track record with video game delays hasn’t been the best so far, but there’s some good news for Returnal fans at least.

Housemarque Games announced Returnal has gone gold.

A game goes gold when all mandatory development work has finished, and the developer can create the master disc that consumer copies will be based on.It also means the game won’t be delayed anymore, which must be an especially satisfying milestone for Housemarque to reach following Returnal’s earlier delays.

Despite the delays, Housemarque has kept followers up to date on Returnal’s progress, including detailed information drops about the game’s weapon systems and how the planet of Atropos functions.

Returnal will release worldwide on April 30 for PlayStation 5 and likely PlayStation 5 only.

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Returnal Has Gone Gold, Housemarque Announces

So far Returnal is billed as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, so despite persistent rumors to the contrary, there’s no solid evidence Returnal will release for PC or any other platform.

Returnal follows Selene, a space explorer who finds herself stranded on the enigmatic and deadly planet Atropos.

Returnal has finally gone GOLD!!! A huge thanks to everyone on the team at Housemarque, PlayStation Studios, and all the other teams involved. We can't wait to have this out soon and for every player out there to experience the planet of Atropos!
— Housemarque (@Housemarque)
March 25, 2021

Death isn’t the end for Selene, though.

When she dies, she’s reborn at the start of her journey and retains a fraction of the upgrades she gained before dying.

The catch is that Atropos is completely different every time, making Returnal a third-person shooter-roguelike.

An area that was once an arid desert becomes a frigid snowscape, for example, and the planet’s secrets seem tied to the ominous ruins Selene encounters in a few of its environments.

We'll hopefully learn more in the days leading to Returnal's release date, so stick with Gfinity for all your Returnal news needs.

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