FIFA 21 FUTTIES: Jordan Amavi Derby Day Vote Winner Objectives

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The Best of Team 3 has landed in FIFA 21, as has a brand new set of SBC and Objectives cards.

Both Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Chris Smalling have landed in the SBC market this evening, whilst Jordan Amavi was your winner in the latest fan vote decision.

The Marseille man is available for free via a limited-time set of objectives. Here is everything that you need to know.


This Derby Day Vote Winner Amavi went live in FIFA 21 at 6pm BST on Friday, August 13th.

You will have one week to complete the challenges set by EA, before Amavi is removed from the running on August 20th.


EA have tasked eager players with completing four Objectives in order to unlock the 94-rated version of Amavi.

All four are as follows:

  • From Distance: Score 4 Outside the Box goals in Squad Battles on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals)
  • Goal Getter: Score 12 goals in Squad Battles on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals) with min. 6 Ligue 1 players in your starting squad
  • World Class Wins: Score using Ligue 1 players in 7 separate Squad Battles Wins on min. World Class difficulty (or Rivals)
  • Crossing Class: Assist with Crosses using French players in 8 separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals)

Objectives Tips

This really isn't a difficult card to complete at all.

We'd recommend taking the Squad Battles route rather than the Division Rivals route as you will come up against much easier opposition in the offline mode.

Setting up with a Ligue 1 lineup will make your life easier, but it's not imperative that you do so as long as you have one or two Ligue 1 forwards in your side in order to complete the World Class Wins objective.

The Crossing Class objective is arguably the hardest to complete, though if you set up in a formation with a LW and a RW you should be able to get through it pretty easily.


Worth the Grind?

This is a very nice card, but not dissimilar to the other top-tier fullbacks in the game currently.

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For anyone with a French or a Ligue 1 outfit, we'd say go for it, if not, we'd let this one go.

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