DayZ Chernarus Helicopter Crash Site Location Guide: How To Find, Best Routes, SVAL Loot Spots

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JULY 2021 UPDATE - Ahead of the release of DayZ Update 1.13 Bohemia Interactive has significantly increased helicopter crash site events from now on until the update is released.

Original Story - DayZ update 1.11 is about to cause a bit of a stampede for Helicopter Crash Sites.

While they've almost always had some quality loot, they'll now be the best place to find the new SVAL rifle in both Chernarus and Livonia.

Why is the SVAL so good? Here's what developers Bohemia Interactive had to say about it:

"We decided to name it SVAL, which is the Czech word for muscle. The weapon is derived from the existing VSS rifle, uses 9x39 ammo with an integral suppressor, and has been modified for close-range combat, with the added ability to attach a flashlight and universal sights (western types). We also added a new 20 round magazine for 9x39 ammo, which can be used with both the SVAL and VSS."

Here's how to earn one for yourself in Chernarus.

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DayZ Chernarus Helicopter Crash Site Location Guide

How To Find Crash Sites:

Crash sites can be identified at a distance by smoke, but if you'd like to be a little more focused check out the following map guide from the folks at iZurvive.

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Best Crash Site Route:

As you can see from the image above, your best bet is to stick to the Western side of the map.

While the flatter terrain makes this risky, that's where you'll find the majority of the Crash Sites.

Beware, though – these spots in the map are about to get much more popular as players scrap over SVAL rifles – so be sure to stay low in case someone beat you to it.