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Call of Duty Mobile: The Best Classes In COD Mobile For Android And iOS Devices

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The release of Call of Duty: Mobile on Android and iOS devices has become an instant hit, with over 20 million downloads in the first 48 hours of release.

With players getting stuck into the game and acclimatising themselves to the new weapons, maps, modes, perks, scorestreaks and the brand-new battle royale mode, the debut of Call of Duty on mobile devices has gone down extremely well with the majority of the community.

As with every Call of Duty title, it is important to select the right loadout before heading into the battlefield.

Here are five classes that will definitely give you an advantage over your opponents.

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1) M4

The M4 Assault Rifle (AR) is a staple of the Call of Duty franchise. Its relatively fast rate of fire combined with a moderate damage output makes it a durable weapon for the majority of engagements around the map. If you prefer a more passive style of play, equip the Tactical Scope as your optic to look precisely down the long sightlines and take down your targets with ease from a long distance. If you prefer to get in amongst the action, the Red Dot Sight is the way to go. For attachments, Quickdraw is essential to aim down the sights faster than your opponents. A quick reaction to an oncoming enemy makes all the difference! Add a Foregrip into the equation to reduce the level of recoil, making it easier to control the weapon when firing. For the third and final attachment, it is down to personal preference. Add Extended Mags for a few more bullets in the clip or perhaps a Surpressor to silently slay your opponents.

In the low levels of the game, equip Fast Recover as Perk 1 for faster health regeneration, Toughness to reduce enemy flinch by 60% and Hardline to earn your scorestreaks faster.

2) PDW-57

Back on Black Ops 2, the PDW became one of the best sub-machine guns (SMG) in the game thanks to its low levels of recoil, fast fire rate to compensate for a low damage output and a massive magazine to reign fire down on the enemy. Its clean ironsight means that a scope isn't necessarily needed but if you do want to use one, but if you do, select a Holographic or a Red Dot Sight for a clearer view when in close-quarters engagements. For increased mobility, equip the Stock to make your movement even faster, a Foregrip to give the SMG little to no recoil and a Long Barrel to increase the damage over a range, making it easier to contend with any medium to long-range battles.

As the PDW is suited to a more aggressive play style, you might want to consider adding a Sticky Grenade onto your loadout. It can be a great crutch when in a tricky situation or you can aim it at a Domination flag covered in enemies for maximum impact.


3) AKS-74u

As opposed to the PDW, the AKS provides a faster fire rate, increased accuracy and a bit more range which is ideal for taking down any AR players from distance. FMJ makes a great addition to this weapon, allowing you to shoot through thin walls and metal, ideal for a map like Crossfire which is littered with cars and a bus where sneaky campers can catch you off guard. Combine FMJ with fast mags, for quicker reload speed, a laser sight to make it easier to aim when spraying and a Long Barrel to make it that bit more deadly in close-range gunfights.

Flashbangs are heavily underrated on COD: Mobile and for a run-and-gun class like this, equip it to blind any oncoming attackers and secure a simple kill.

4) M4LMG

The normal M4 not cutting the mustard for you? Give its big brother a spin! The M4LMG is ideal for posting up on a headglitch or in a building to give your team absolute control over a particular area of the map or an objective. A Holographic is great for the majority of situations but if you want to look from afar, swap it out for a Tactical Scope to give you the clearest lines of sight to take down any opponents. Fast Mags are key for this class, the slow reload time can easily catch you out so reducing it with the Fast Mags could be the difference between life and death. Add a Stock for a slight increase in mobility which is handy when fighting in an open space and round it off with FMJ to slay anyone hiding behind cover.

If you're posted up with the M4LMG, Flak Jacket is defintely a good choice as players will try to use their utility to force you out of your spot. Select Ghost as Perk 2 to stay hidden from any UAVs that could potentially give away your position and use Alert to stay aware of any sneaky ambushes that could come your way.


5) DL Q33

Last but by no means least is the DL Q33 sniper rifle (AKA the Intervention!) On CoD: Mobile it is very easy to reign terror on your opponents with this particular weapon so the right loadout is key to make some insane plays. Start with Extended Mags to give you plenty of chances to hit those quick scopes, add a Stock to increase the movement speed when scoped in and to finish it off, FMJ to remove anyone that is trying to duck and dive behind any cover.


Choose between Fast Recover to quickly regenerate health or use Lightweight to traverse the map quickly and avoid the scopes of the enemies. Use Ghost to stay hidden from UAVs, allowing you to sneak behind enemy lines and go on a rampage before they know what has hit them and add Dead Silence to navigate the map with complete silence.

Stock up on a Frag Grenade or equip the MW11 pistol for those close-quarters encounters.

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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95

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