Biomutant: Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, Trailer and Everything We Know

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Biomutant, the first game from developer Experiment 101, is coming this year.

The studio is comprised of former Just Cause developers from Avalanche Studio, but unlike that franchise, it's actually more of an action-RPG than any shooter.

Players step into the fur of an adorable creature with the ability to customise gear and body parts to be able to save the Tree of Life.

Described as a "post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable", here's everything we know.

Biomutant Release Date

Four years after being announced, the game finally has a release date.

Biomutant will launch on May 25th, 2021.

Biomutant Platforms

Update - May 14: New Platform Trailers

THQ Nordic released trailers showcasing Biomutant on each platform, including the standard XBO/PS4 and enhanced versions.

Biomutant Trailer: PS4 and Xbox One

Biomutant Trailer: PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

Biomutant PC Trailer

THQ Nordic also highlighted Biomutant PS4 performance, Biomutant Xbox performance, and Biomutant PC performance:

  • Our PC footage runs 4k @ 60FPS (the PC version will not be capped framerate-wise, except for your monitor's refresh rate and hardware)
  • Xbox One Base runs 1080p @ 30FPS with Dynamic Resolution
  • PlayStation 4 Base runs 1080p @ 30FPS with Dynamic Resolution
  • Xbox One X runs 1080p @ 60FPS with Dynamic Resolution
  • PlayStation 4 Pro runs 1080p @ 60FPS with Dynamic Resolution

While there's no native Biomutant PS5 or XSX|S version, THQ Nordic will be sharing trailers of Biomutant next-gen performance soon.

Original Story

Despite launching in 2021, the game is launching on last-gen hardware – at least for now.

That means it'll come to PS4 and Xbox One as well as PC, but expect it to run on the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles through backwards compatibility.

Biomutant Story

Biomutant features a unique story. Your goal is preserving the dying Tree of Life and either uniting the disparate animal tribes or bringing them to their knees.

THQ Nordic says Biomutant doesn't have a firm narrative or ending other than the one you make. A narrator tells the story as it unfolds, but your choices affect how that unfolding takes place.

Biomutant Gameplay

Last summer, publisher THQ Nordic revealed almost ten minutes of gameplay footage showing off combat, exploration, and progression.

Check it out below:

Looking for a deeper look at combat? Look no further.

Want a glimpse at Biomutant's world?

We're happy to oblige.

THQ Nordic also provided several details about how Biomutant plays.

Biomutant Combat

Combat mixes several types and genres depending on how you build your mutant.

Part shooter, part third-person melee fighter, Biomutant revolves around learning Wung-Fu combat forms and weaving your mutations into fights.

Biomutant Mutations

You can re-code your mutant, but that's not the extent of Biomutant's customization.


Certain mutations react with environmental effects to produce entirely new reactions, such as Mucus Foam. Other mutations left over from the vanished civilization can unlock new skills and abilities too.

Biomutant crafting

You can use nearly everything in Biomutant's crafting, from chainsaws to corkscrews. Key NPCs will make items for you, but you'll also have your own bionic companion who can craft items too.

Certain gear helps unlock more of the world for exploration, for example, heat-conserving clothes make exploring icy regions feasible, while gas masks are vital for entering fume-filled areas.

Biomutant Trailer

For a shorter look, check out the Gameplay Sizzle Trailer below.

THQ Nordic also released a "May the Furrth" trailer highlighting a few of Biomutant's features:

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