Back 4 Blood: Everything We Know About Left 4 Dead Creators New Game

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Back 4 Bood, a new zombie-slaying co-op title from Turtle Rock Studios, has resurfaced after a long period of silence from the developers. As the cheeky number in the title suggests, this is somewhat of a spiritual successor to co-op title Left 4 Dead and its sequel and comes from the same developer.

Originally revealed in 2019, the announcement post described the game as "designed from the ground-up as an original, premium title and marries the best of what made the co-op zombie shooter so successful with new features and state-of-the-art technology."

Latest News

Our Impressions - August 13

Back 4 Blood's beta was great fun. If you don't believe is, check out our preview.

Back 4 Blood Goes Gold - August 11

Turtle Rock and Warner Bros. has just confirmed that Back 4 Blood's gone gold, meaning its now ready to ship.

Accessibility Options Revealed - August 3

Back 4 Blood's upcoming beta will include a slew of accessibility options.

Beta Info - July 28

Here's everything we know about the game's beta, slated for August.

Turtle Rock Studios Detail PC Features For Back 4 Blood - July 20

Within a new video, Turtle Rock Studios outlined several details that Back 4 Blood's PC edition will utilise. There's 4K graphics, ultra-wide resolutions, support for multi-monitor setups and will include Nvidia DLSS support to hit higher frame rates. Furthermore, they announced the PC edition also features cross-play.

DLC Will Be Playable For All If One Player Buys It - June 15

Turtle Rock is doing its best to avoid splitting the community when it comes to DLC. Find out how here.

Xbox Game Pass Launch - June 12

Back 4 Blood will, in fact, launch into Xbox Game Pass. Find out more here.

Back 4 Blood E3 Trailer - June 10

A new trailer shown during Summer Games Fest has confirmed that Back 4 Blood will get an open beta on August 5, 2021.

You can watch the new trailer, just below:

Release Date

The game was originally set to release on June 22nd, 2021, but was subsequently delayed until October 12, 2021.

At the time, the developer said the following:

"Turtle Rock Studios is working hard to make Back 4 Blood the best game it can possibly be at launch and the team needs more time to do this. Therefore, we will release Back 4 Blood on October 12, 2021. We thank our community for its continued support and are excited to share that there will be an open beta this summer."
It certainly looks pretty.
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The game is slated to launch on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.


As you'd imagine, the game comes in a variety of editions.

There's the Standard Edition that just comes with the game, a pre-order bonus that includes weapon skins, a digital-only deluxe edition AND an Ultimate Edition.

We've broken down what comes in each here.


Check out the cinematic trailer below:

Gameplay Features

Back 4 Blood will see Left 4 Dead's 'Director' return, a feature that uses AI to pace levels. Getting through it too quickly? Expect stiffer resistance or fewer items. Struggling a little? The Director can thin the hordes a bit.

These changes are tied to a new card system, with a set 'deck' that the Director can pick from.

“As you jump into a mission, the Game Director will play a set of Corruption Cards,” a trailer explains. “Corruption Cards can modify environmental conditions, add challenges, and send special mutations your way.”


Players can use their own cards, too, to counter the Director.

Check out the feature in action below:

Turtle Rock Studios has also released a trailer that shows off the game's cast of characters, as well as showcasing their unique traits and bonuses.

Find out more here.

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