Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dual Wield Weapon Guide

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla has finally been confirmed, with the Viking themed adventure coming in 2020.

While the Hidden Blade is making a return (albeit not so hidden), Valhalla will also offer the ability to wield two weapons at once.

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According to a developer commentary, the game's creative director Ashraf Ismail noted:

“Dual wielding is a big part of the game and it’s very open – you can pretty much dual wield all combinations of weapons that we have. If you want to dual wield two shields, we’ll let you do that.”

Considering just how violent combat of the era was, you might well opt for two shields and a tactical retreat.

“The combat of this period – if we’re going to make a Viking game, the combat needs to be visceral,” Ismail explains. “It needs to be quite brutal, so you meet quite impressive enemies. We call [these guys] the ringleaders, a leader on the battlefield who is able to rally the troops and has some unique capacities. He’s very armoured.” Luckily, you can be very armoured too if you opt to rock akimbo shields."

We can't wait to get our Viking on.

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