Animal Crossing New Horizons: May Day Maze Full Guide

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Animal Crossing New Horizons is now undergoing its first Spring event called May Day - which is running alongside Nature Day.

The new month has an ample amount of new events and tasks for all Animal Crossing players to do over the next little while. 

One of the first tasks players are assigned is to tackle a pesky May Day Maze.

Check out our guide into how to complete it here. 


In order to get to the special island that the Maze is on, you will have to head over to Tom Nook and have a quick conversation with him.

Once you do so, the Nook will grant you the May Day ticket which is vastly different than the standard Nook Miles ticket. 


This one allows you to travel to a unique island that the whole May Day theme is centred around. 

There is an ample amount of rewards that can be obtained through this maze and we'll take you through all of them down below!

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Check out some basic guidelines for completing the maze for the maximum amount of rewards!

  • Pick up a shovel on the ground and dig up a tree or a bush. 
  • Go around the maze and pick up all the branches and other tools you can find on the ground. 
  • Break the tree blocking the path around the top left of the maze
  • Next head to the bottom-left section of the maze and wack the stone for a few nuggets. 
  • Towards the bottom right you should break another stone and a tree to get enough crafting materials for the next step.
  • Craft an axe.
  • Towards the upper right of the map you can now chop the trees down to find Rover!


Once you do end up completing the maze and getting to Rover, they will reward you with "Rover's Briefcase"; which is a cool and unique item that you can store in your house or anywhere you please.

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