Minecrafters Accuse Adin Ross of Scamming Them With Unpaid Work

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Minecraft has an entire community of modders and builders who make mods and build for streamers and influencers. Young players can earn thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this. One particular streamer who hired some builders was Adin Ross, but those builders went unpaid.

No, this is not speculation. They did, in fact, work for Adin Ross and a second company he worked with, which did not pay them. Although the builders blamed Adin Ross, the company that worked with Adin did not provide the payment. They took to Twitter to announce what had happened, and it got the proper attention.


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Making money on Minecraft

This tweet started it all; this user pointed out that they had been unpaid for their work. I thought this tweet would help describe the situation that these builders were in. This seems like a case of purposefully not paying them but the company does speak up in a tweet later:


In a statement, Rework took full responsibility and said that the company would pay the Mincraft developers involved. It brings more credence to the tweet before, but they it is confirmed that everyone did eventually get paid.

According to this tweet, every Minecraft builder involved has been paid in full. It is crucial for people who wish to make a career out of this to pay attention to their receipts and to have a paper trail. If a company forgets to pay, you should always have proof of the entire transaction.