Minecraft Dungeons Announce New DLC "Echoing Void"

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Minecraft Dungeons has announced the next DLC arriving in the game, which will be titled Echoing Void, which takes place in the popular zone "The End".

Echoing Void will conclude the story players have been playing through the past year, while they were cleansing the corruption in the overworld from the Orb of Dominance.


While players will be traveling into the End, this is merely bringing a close to the current story, and the team shares that there is still much more to come from Minecraft Dungeons.

Does that mean it’s over for Minecraft Dungeons? Certainly not – there’s plenty more to come – but one thing at a time! In the Echoing Void DLC, you’ll face bold new enemies, collect legendary gear, and make your way through challenging missions to put a stop to the untold threats (emphasis on plural) that lurk in the dark dimension in which Endermen reside.

Minecraft Dungeons Announce New DLC "Echoing Void"

As well as the Echoing Void DLC pack, a free content update will also be released alongside it, which will introduce the Gauntlet of Gales.


The Gauntlet of Gales is a unique maze-like mission, featuring trials and puzzles players will need to overcome.

Once Echoing Void is released, there will be an ultimate edition released that will contain the base game and all six DLC packs for a reduced price so new players can jump in and experience everything the game has to offer.

Echoing Void, Gauntlet of Gales free update, and Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition will all be released on July 28th for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

There is currently no price available, however, based on the previous DLC we can expect it to be $6 USD.

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