Minecraft's Update 2.23 Fixes Some Pesky Game-Locking Bugs

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There’s a new Minecraft update live now, Minecraft 2.23, aka Bedrock 1.16.221.

Mojang provided the Minecraft 2.23 patch notes as well, and while there’s nothing groundbreaking in the new patch notes, it does resolve some annoying issues on console and PC.

Minecraft 2.23 is small, taking up only 199 MB.


It fixes known issues where paintings randomly became invisible after being placed.

PS4 Minecraft players had reported problems where the game became permanently stuck on the loading screen, and that should now be fixed as well.

The other significant issue Minecraft 2.23/Bedrock 1.16.221 resolves is a soft lock problem that triggered when trying to play with friends on Realms.

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Minecraft's Update 2.23 Fixes Some Pesky Game-Locking Bugs

Here’s the full set of Minecraft 2.23 patch notes:

  • Paintings are once again visible when placed (MCPE-121718)
  • Fixed some instances of the game not launching past the loading screen after updating on PS4 (MCPE-58897, MCPE-84790)
  • Fixed a soft lock that occurred when trying to set friend permissions on a Realm on initial invite
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading Behavior Packs containing GameTests

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