How to attack in Minecraft Legends

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Minecraft Legends doesn't borrow much from the main Minecraft game. Whether you're struggling to remember the brief tutorial once you're thrown into a meaningful battle, or just want to know if there's anything you're missing, here's how to attack in Minecraft Legends. You won't get far without it.

Attacking in Minecraft Legends can actually mean a couple of different things. There's a melee attack your hero avatar can use, and the attack command you can issue to your army of golem mobs. Used in tandem, you can dispatch piglins yourself, giving your army of building bashers more time to do their thing.

How to attack in Minecraft Legends

You can attack using your own sword in Minecraft Legends simply by holding the right-most face button on your controller. So that's:

  • Circle (PlayStation)
  • B (Xbox)
  • A (Nintendo Switch)

You're free to tap to swing, but holding the button will keep you pulling off the simple two-hit combo indefinitely, making it easier to run around, swinging at anything and everything in your path.

To issue an attack command to your army of golem minions, things are a little different. It basically follows this sequence

  • Spawn/recall golems around you using a spawner.
  • Tap the Rally button near them so they follow.
    • X (Xbox)
    • Square (PlayStation)
    • Y (Nintendo Switch)
  • Use the top-most controller button to send any following golems to attack anything in the path ahead.
    • Y (Xbox)
    • Triangle (PlayStation)
    • X (Nintendo Switch

Using this method, any following Golems will run forward toward your flag, attacking any mob or building in their path.

To be more precise with your attack command, you can use the map view by holding RT (irrespective of device) while golems are following you.

In this mode, you can hover the selection arrow over specific targets and use the following buttons to issue a "Charge" or "Attack" command.


  • RT + X (Xbox)
  • RT + Square (PlayStation)
  • RT + Y (Nintendo Switch)

By tapping this button combination, one of your following golems will charge toward the target. This is a good way to move a specific golem to a location, attacking the target if possible.

By holding the combination, you'll order every following golem to the target location. They'll attack the target if possible.


  • RT + Y (Xbox)
  • RT + Triangle (PlayStation)
  • RT + X (Nintendo Switch)

Tapping this button combination orders a single one of your following golems to attack the target.

Holding the button combination issues the order for all of your following golems to attack the target.

Sending specific units

Because some golems are better at certain tasks than others, there are times you'll want to send very select golems into battle. You can do this regardless of how many golems you have following you under the banner.


While issuing the above Charge or Attack commands, use the D-Pad to cycle up, down, and across the unit filter grid on the left side of the screen. Seperated into melee, ranged, support, and more unit types horizontally, you can move it away from "All Units" to issue your next command only to units of the specified type.

A great example of this is ensuring you split your army of Stone Golems and Wood Golems to attacking buildings and attacking piglins respectively. Just rally your army, highlight a building, use the D-Pad to select Stone Golems, and hold the Attack button combination to send your Stone Golems to the building. Then you can do the same for your Wood Golems, this time selecting Ranged Units with the D-Pad and highlighting a Piglin boss.

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