Microsoft Flight Simulator Pushes Top Gun: Maverick DLC Into 2022

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Since its launch last year, Microsoft Flight Simulator has experienced a vast array of mods, including the recreation of a Mario Kart 8 track in-game.

To accompany the release of the highly-anticipated Top Gun: Maverick, DLC based on the movie was set to expand Microsoft Flight Simulator's travels to Tom Cruise's cockpit. But it looks like the movie tie-in expansion has been delayed.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Pushes Top Gun: Maverick DLC Into 2022

Developer Asobo Studios has announced that the expansion based on the sequel has been delayed to 2022.

Asobo associates the delay with Paramount Pictures' reshuffling of release dates. One of which involved pushing back Top Gun: Maverick from its scheduled US release in November this year to the 27th of May 2022, bumping off Mission Impossible 7 who previously occupied that date.

Asobo is hoping to release the expansion alongside the movie thus, the sequel's delay has enforced the DLC's move. As for the free expansion itself, Microsoft and Asobo have kept details under wraps, but the trailer has hinted that Maverick's own jet will be made playable in Flight Simulator.