Microsoft Flight Simulator Now Available To Pre-Download On Xbox Series S/X

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Microsoft Flight Simulator releases next week on Xbox Series S/X and the game is now available to pre-download onto your console.

Clocking in at an eye-watering 97.24 GB, the game can be pre-downloaded if you have purchased it or if you own Xbox Game Pass, where you can download it from your console or the app.


The game is one of the first next-gen exclusives for Microsoft and was released on PC last year before an Xbox Series S/X date was confirmed at E3 2021 last month.

Heralded as a technical marvel, the game has been a critical hit since it launched on PC and will hopefully find a wider audience on Xbox.

The game will be getting a Top Gun expansion for free later this year to tie into the upcoming movie. If you are looking for flight sticks and accessories for the game, you can find our choices here.