Retro Studios Hire Dreamworks Lighting Artist For Metroid Prime 4

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Retro's pursuit of top talent continues as they've reportedly hired a Lighting and Compositing Artist with previous work for Dreamworks, Disney and Sony Santa Monica.

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Retro Studios Hire Dreamworks Lighting Artist For Metroid Prime 4


Ever since taking the reins on Metroid Prime 4 back in 2019 - when development on the game was completely restarted - the Texas-based studio has been snapping up industry veterans left, right and center.

They've previously hired Halo character artist Kyle Hefley, GTA V and Overwatch producer Marisa Palumbo, and Battlefield V art director Jhony Ljungstedt amongst others, and they've now added Chad Orr to their glowing roster.

According to his LinkedIn profile (first spotted by ShineSparkers) Orr has previously worked on Moana and Zootopia whilst at Disney, as well as How To Train Your Dragon 3 and The Croods: A New Age at Dreamworks. Most significantly, he also turned in some award-winning work on God of War during a stint at Sony Santa Monica.

There's now only a handful of job openings left on Retro's website, suggesting that development on Metroid Prime 4 is now proceeding full steam ahead.

That said, we've still got no idea when we'll get a first look at the game, let alone when we'll be able to play it. Fingers crossed it won't be too long of a wait!