Metroid Prime Trilogy: Coming To Switch In June?

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Metroid Prime Trilogy has been rumoured for the Nintendo Switch for what seems like forever, but it looks like we'll finally be seeing it next month.

According to a listing from Swedish retailer Inet,.the title is releasing in June– as the site updated the game’s page with the release date.


Metroid Prime Trilogy will reportedly release for Switch on June 19. 


Inet wasn't the only source of the rumour, as last year, Nintendo insider kindzell falsley stated that information on Metroid Prime Trilogy would surface during the February Nintendo Direct.

After this, Best Buy then popped up with a retail listing for the trilogy on its staff-only database.


The title was originally released on GameCube, which was followed by a Wii version, and then Wii U.

Rumours have been circulating for a while now, so time will tell whether we will see the trilogy come to Switch.