New Metroid Dread Story Footage Links To Previous Games

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With 2021 marking the 35th anniversary of everyone's favourite platformer series, Metroid, Nintendo's celebrating as it ramps up anticipation for Metroid Dread this October. Acting as a darker and more intense series entry, a new story teaser for the forthcoming episode certainly backs up these claims.

Nintendo Japan released a unique teaser for Metroid Dread, which consisted of footage from previous instalments in the series. Even though the trailer was immediately deleted by the account, a user discovered the story imagery as an unlisted video on YouTube.

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New Metroid Dread Story Footage Links To Previous Games

The debunked clip consists of scenes from the finale to Metroid: Samus Returns, the latter of which acted as a 3DS remake to Metroid II: Return of Samus, the original Game Boy adventure. As well as witnessing the title character's encounter with a hieroglyphic chamber, we also catch a glimpse of Samus beneath the iconic helmet.

The teaser can be seen below:

Coinciding with the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED, Metroid Dread will mark the end of Samus's current story arc. However, series director Yoshio Sakamoto has made it clear that more Metroid games will follow this episode, and we'll keep you informed when we learn more.