How to Get the Screw Attack Early in Metroid Dread

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Getting the Screw Attack early in Metroid Dread takes some work, but it also takes a substantial amount of time off your run through letting you bypass an entire section of the late game and giving you the power to take down those pesky Blue Lightning blocks. While it requires some good timing, it's nowhere near as difficult as getting the grapple beam early. Here's what you should do.

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How to Get Screw Attack Early in Metroid Dread

Once you get the Space Jump in Ferenia, book it back to Artaria near where you started the game. Head left until you reach the cold zone, then speed through it as fast as possible. Keep moving left, and you'll eventually reach a second cold zone. Use the Space Jump to reach the higher ledges, then open the grapple beam door.

How to get screw attack early in Metroid Dread
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The next sequence of puzzles requires careful Morph Ball Bomb timing since you don't have the Gravity Suit. When you're in the room with the large water area, walk to the far left. Jump, and immediately enter Morph Ball form and lay a bomb. Jump again and enter Morph Ball mode. The explosion should bump Samus up onto the ledge.

Don't climb up. Instead, Space Jump through the water to the ledge on your right. Roll through the Morph Ball tunnels, and you'll reach a smaller water tank below the Screw Attack statue. Use the same trick again to reach it.

Where to Go After Screw Attack in Metroid Dread

Normally, you have to get the Gravity Suit first, then deal with frozen Artaria. Now you can just move on to Cataris and Burenia. It alters how you deal with the Adam segments, but it's a small price to pay for shaving time off.

There's still the final boss to deal with, and it never hurts to refresh your knowledge of Metroid Dread's main beats, including how to get unstuck in Ferenia and where to go after Kraid.

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