Metroid Dread: How to Get the Heat Resistant Varia Suit Upgrade

Metroid Dread tasks players with tackling an ever-expanding map as they unlock new abilities which allow them to reach new areas. There are Heat Zones located around this map, which will slowly kill Samus if she enters them without the right upgrade. It's called the Varia suit, and can be located in the Artaria region. In this guide we'll show you where to get the Varia Suit upgrade that grants Heat Resistance. This will allow you to progress further into the game.

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How to Get the Heat Suit in Metroid Dread

To get the heat resistance upgrade in Metroid Dread you will need to have travelled to Cataris region. It's the second main area of the game, and can be accessed in the top-rightmost section of the Artaris map. You'll need to work your way through this area, including the immediate starting zone that's easy to get stuck in, heading back to Artaris via a red teleportation device.

A map of the red teleportation point in the Artaris region of Metroid Dread
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Once you've gone through this teleportation point, head left as you fall into the water. You can keep progressing this way until you reach a Thermal Panel that will redirect the heat zones in this area. You will then need to run through a sequence of collapsing rooms before you reach the Varia Suit upgrade. We've marked its location on the map below.

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Just break the ball and receive the upgrade. this will alter the appearance of Samus, adding an orange and red motif to her Power Armour. You will now be able to survive in the Heat Zones around the map.

Using the Varia Suit

The Heat Resistant Varia Suit will automatically protect Samus from the high heat zones. Just walk through doors marked with a red box on the map to enter these areas. It's worth checking the Artaria map at this point to find areas that you can now access using the upgrade you just found. there are some missile packs and E Tanks that can be collected, which will seriously improve your chances of survival.

That's where to get the Heat Suit in Metroid Dread. If you're looking for more help with the game, be sure to visit our guide on countering EMMIs, and on Which Order You Should Play the Metroid Games.

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