How to Get the Grapple Beam Early in Metroid Dread

You can get the grapple beam early in Metroid Dread, but it takes some work. Whether it's worth it depends on how fast you want to complete Dread and whether you want to defeat Kraid the usual way. Getting the grapple beam early is vital for obtaining Morph Ball Bombs ahead of schedule, and while that won't do your total time any favors, it does offer a fun twist on the Kraid fight. Here's how to get the grapple beam early and what to do after that.

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Metroid Dread Dairon heat zone
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Get the Grapple Beam Early in Metroid Dread

Once you get the Varia Suit, it's time to take a slight detour. Head to Dairon and the total recharge station in the region's central area. Exit to the left, and shoot the floor to open a new path. Drop down, and head right to enter the heated region.

The room with the Energy Tank has another false wall in the bottom right corner. Shoot it, and you'll enter a long chamber with a difficult set of challenges.

You'll need some patience and good timing here. Slide under the ledge, then jump and angle for a wall jump at the spot marked below. Timed properly, you'll be able to jump again and grab the ledge. At the end of the Morph Ball path, drop down and stand up normally. Slide under the ledge, jump immediately, and grab the ledge in front of you.

The Varia suit won't protect you from lava like the Gravity Suit does, so make sure to move quickly if you fall into the hot stuff.

Metroid Dread grapple beam jump puzzle
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Metroid Dread Grapple Beam Location

After that, it's just a matter of following the path until you reach the grapple beam. You'll take an elevator down to Artaria, and the grapple beam is at the end of the route there. There's no way to get lost, unlike virtually everywhere else on ZDR.

The next step after the grapple beam is either taking on Kraid as usual or getting the Morph Ball Bombs early. If you want to do that, head to Dairon's E.M.M.I. Zone and use the grapple beam to pull the block aside and open a new escape route.

If not, take Kraid on in Cataris, and you'll be back here anyway. The next step after leaving the Dairon E.M.M.I. Zone is heading to Ferenia where another tough fight awaits.

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