Metroid Dread: How to Get Past Fire Plants (Enky)

Metroid Dread fire plants block your way as early as Artaria, but Samus won’t get the tools to handle this particular obstacle for a long while. Even once you get the Varia Suit, there’s no way past the fire plants without completely destroying them. There’s a bigger, deadlier barrier in your way, though: the Ghavoran EMMI. It’s the most difficult EMMI fight up to that point in Metroid Dread, but there’s an easy trick for breezing through it.

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How to Destroy Fire Plants in Metroid Dread

Only Ice Missiles can destroy the fire plants, so don’t waste your ammo or your time trying to find another way around. Samus gets Ice Missiles after defeating the Blue EMMI in Ghavoran, though you can’t do that until the story unfolds after the first time you pass through Ghavoran. Without delving into spoilers, you'll know when the time approaches.

The Ghavoran EMMI Zone makes this challenge more difficult than usual, though.

How to Defeat the Blue EMMI in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread Blue EMMI
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Unlike in previous EMMI fights, you have fewer stretches of long, unbroken floor to safely batter away at the EMMI’s shell. You’ll want to split this fight into two stages, since even an EMMI counter won't solve the problem.

The easiest way we’ve found so far is to first exit the Central Unit room, cross the next room and exit through the lower right door, then enter the next chamber. Hop on the sliding magnetic platform, and take your stand in front of the door.

This gives you plenty of space to melt the EMMI’s shell as it crosses the magnetic strip.

Slide under it, run to the room’s bottom right corner, and immediately start charging your Omega Beam. The EMMI follows quickly, so you’ll need to aim well. If you find you need more time, just repeat the process again and fire the charged beam from the end of the magnetic platform.

That's how to get your hands on the Ice Missiles so that you can clear the Fire Enky Plants scattered around the map in Metroid Dread. For more help with the game, check out our guide on the Unknown Resources you can collect. Once you're done there, visit our guide on getting the Cold Suit.

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