Nintendo Warns of Metroid Dread Crash Error “Near the End”, Working on a Patch

Metroid Dread's reviews are coming in strong but if you're one of many players diving into it, Nintendo's just issued a warning. According to them, there's a known error "near the end" of Metroid Dread, forcing the software and game to close down.

As such, a fix is in the works, due to arrive before October's end. Nintendo confirmed the cause of the error, which we've outlined below:

Near the end of the game, if the player destroys a door while a map marker for that specific door is displayed on the map, the game will forcibly close and the following message will appear: "The software was closed because an error occurred."

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Nintendo Warns of Metroid Dread Crash Error “Near the End”, Working on a Patch

So, what do you need to do to avoid this error? According to Nintendo's support page, these are the recommended steps:

  1. Restart the game and, before playing through this sequence, remove the door icon map marker to prevent this error from occurring.
  2. Once the October 2021 software update is available, update the game.

In the meantime, if you've dived into Metroid Dread already and are looking for some tips, we've got you covered. Between navigating fire plants, destroying blue lightning blocks, countering EMMI's and more, we'll keep bringing you the latest Metroid Dread news as it happens.

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