Is A Metal Gear Solid Remake Happening? David Hayter Seems To Think So

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Though we've not seen a new main entry since 2015's The Phantom Pain, Konami's Metal Gear Solid remains beloved by many. Subce Hideo Kojima's split from Konami in 2015, fans were concerned about the series' future, a fact not helped by Metal Gear Survive's poor reception.

However, in the last couple of weeks, there's been some rumblings that we might finally see a revival. After Konami retweeted a fake account regarding a Metal Gear Solid 2 image, many believe there's an imminent announcement.


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Joining a live stream with Dan Allen Gaming, Hayter was asked about whether he believes there will be a Metal Gear Solid remake, offering an interesting reply: "I thought it was just a rumour, until the day before yesterday, and I got a text from one of the insiders saying they heard it might really be happening."

You can find this clip around the 45:00 minute mark, but of course, that's no guarantee this is actually happening. If it is, David Hayter doesn't seem to be directly involved, a move which will likely disappoint fans.

Even without recording new voice lines, Hayter elaborates that Konami might just use the re-recorded audio from 2004's Twin Snakes remake on Gamecube, but we'll have to wait for further details.