Melty Blood Type Lumina Tier List: The Best Characters, Ranked

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A few weeks after its release, many players are discovering the strength of each character in Melty Blood Type Lumina. Other than their strengths, players are also understanding which characters are strong to play in this game. Here's what we know about the top tiers for Melty Blood Type Lumina.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Tiers List, According To The Pros


As seen on the collection of Japanese pro player tier lists on @Furious_blog's Tweet, GO1, Kubo, Jin, Clearlamp, and the other top Japanese players showcased their tierlists. So far, Shiki Tohno, Noel, Arima Miyako, Kouma Kishima, and Akiha Tohno are in consistent good spots in the tier. Overall, the trend in between these characters are they tend to be speedy characters with effective attacks when they are in good range to use them.

As their best, Shiki Tohno is their best pick and it can be seen in his gameplan. Most of his high damaging combos are easy to do and have a fast, far-reaching 2C leg sweep that can be used to poke and even interrupt foes at big pressure gaps. Lastly, most of his special moves are too efficient in threatening foes for making careless decisions as they reach far and come out fast in mid-screen.

Overall, Shiki Tohno is the Melty Blood Type Lumina prime pick due to his well-rounded tools work too effective as of the release patch. However, the guest character Saber is placed last even though she has a similar well-rounded and effective toolset as Shiki Tohno. It's possible that the Japanese pro players are downplaying this character.

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The Best Melty Blood Type Lumina Characters, According To Ease And Strength

Aside from following professional players and strong picks. we've also done our own research and tried out characters that seem strong. Overall, most characters in Melty Blood Type Lumina do not feel too underpowered but don't feel overwhelming as well in their strengths.

Here's our own personal Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list, which is a good starting point for casual players:

  • S Tier - Shiki Tohno, Arima Miyako, Kouma Kishima, Saber, Hisui & Kohaku
  • A Tier - Akiha Tohno, Arcueid Brunestud, Red Arcueid, Kohaku, Hisui, Noel, Ciel, Michael Roa Valdamjong, Vlov Arkhangel

At first glance, every character has tools that immediately work when players understand their basic strengths and nuances. Whether it's straightforward rushdown, zoning, setplay, grappling, and armored moves. None of the cast of characters are too slow to use and when learned correctly, anyone can beat anyone in a brawl.

At best, the list we made here is made not because of how strong these characters are, but more broadly how fast new players can learn them and start getting a feel for their strengths.

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