Melty Blood Type Lumina: Shiki Tohno Gameplay Trailer Released, Showcases Fatal Counter Hits, Long Combos

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Type Moon Games has recently released a new gameplay trailer which features Shiki Tohno's gameplay for Melty Blood Type Lumina. This new trailer features still showcases both Ciel and Shiki Tohno's moves while introducing more about the game. For this trailer, the developers showcased combos, more resource use, and counterhits in this reveal.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Shiki Tohno's Gameplay Trailer

As seen in the new gameplay trailer, the Melty Blood Type Lumina reveal featured a trailer that showcases the moves of main protagonist, Shiki Tohno. The gameplay trailer featured a match where both players had a slugfest of a fight where both characters often traded counterhits with each other.


Similar to the first trailer for Ciel, the reveals just show how Melty Blood Type Lumina feels to play.


As the trailer featured a slugfest fight, both Shiki Tohno and Ciel exchanges alot of counterhits as both players aimed to hit each other and often interrupting attacks of each other. So far, Melty Blood Type Lumina has two versions of counter hits namely the regular Counter hit and the Fatal Counter.


In most anime fighting games, Fatal Counters are often more rewarding version of a counterhit and open up newer possibilities for the attacking player. Some combos and setups can only be done if a player scores a Fatal Counter.

Possibilities With Magic Circuit Meter

Other than the counterhits, the trailer also featured what the player can do with their meter. As seen in the previous trailer, one EX move costs one Magic Circuit meter and an Arc Drive super can cost for three meters. However, this Shiki Tohno trailer has shown that a player can enter the Heat mode to continuously burn their meter.


In the previous Melty Blood titles, characters can enter Heat mode to continuously burn their meter to get access to their special moves and super moves while regenerating their health. In Type Lumina, the Heat Mode also functions similarly as Shiki Tohno was seen using his super move that costs three bars by activating his Heat mode even though he only had 1 Magic Circuit meter to spend.

In the next reveals, we may see the other characters other than Ciel and Shiki Tohno taking the stage to see how they fight in this game.

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