Melty Blood Type Lumina: Online Lobbies To Have A Compact, Simpler Design

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Melty Blood Type Lumina developers have recently released an official image showing the game's online lobby. Compared to its rollback netcode fighting game contemporaries, this game will have a simpler yet personable look to its online lobbies. Here's what we've seen for this game.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Online Lobby Design

As seen on one of the promotional images on the Melty Blood Type Lumina's Steam page, one of these image is a showcase of the game's online lobby. The game's lobbies is seen to support up to eight people inside and their lobby status can be seen if they're taking a turn in the matches or skipping theirs.


Other than player status, players also have a chat box to communicate to each other while in the game. However, the best feature in this chat room is that players can see the connection quality of other players in the room. Through this connectivity feature, players can immediately check if their foe has a bad connection without the need to go through a match with them.

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Other Game Woes

So far, recent titles with rollback netcode have yet to prove to have a great lobby system in-game. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl has yet to show their online lobby and has not been released yet as of time of writing.


Meanwhile, Guilty Gear Strive's flaws is noted to be its online lobby. At best, many players have problems with the game's online lobbies for its ranked games and its private lobbies. The game showcases much of the social factor of the online lobbies but not much information about their connection and other important details to ensure a good online match in between players.

Potentially, Melty Blood Type Lumina may have Guilty Gear Strive beat when it comes to online lobbies.

Online Play Quality

As of now, Melty Blood Type Lumina has long been confirmed to have a rollback netcode which greatly improves its online play. Through this feature, this game's online play can be playable even at moderately high 200ms ping and allow players to fight foes who live overseas. Combined with a simple, good looking lobby system, Melty Blood Type Lumina sets itself up for a comfy online experience for its players.


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