Melty Blood Type Lumina: New Character Noel Revealed

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Type-Moon Games has recently confirmed that Noel will be included in Melty Blood Type Lumina as part of its initial roster. This acrobatic lancer shows off her moves in her trailer. Here's what we know about this character in the game

Melty Blood Type Lumina Gets Noel In The Roster

As seen in her trailer, Noel is armed with a polearm and has nimble movement to fight her foes in this fighting game. For her trailer, Noel is faced off against Ciel who is also an executor of the Holy Church that hunts down creatures of the night which are some of the playable characters in Melty Blood Type Lumina.


Unlike Ciel, Noel uses one main weapon and compliments it nimble movement. However, most of her character is still shrouded in mystery even if she is just confirmed in the story.

Who Is Noel In The Story

In the original Tsukihime source material for Melty Blood, Noel was a side character that had limited connection to the main stories inside this visual novel. She is first introduced in the story as a substitute teacher that replaces Shiki Tohno's homeroom teacher who mysteriously disappeared. Noel does this job with a flirty and friendly attitude but is only doing the job as a cover for her hunting work for the Holy Church similar to Ciel.

As the story progresses regardless of which story route the player chooses, Noel either stands down and leaves her post as an undercover teacher or gets turned into a vampire that the main characters have to put down. So far, the Melty Blood Type Lumina's iteration of Noel seems more human than her vampire variant.


For now, we'll have to wait for more information about what's her role in the game if she'll yet be another side character for the main cast to brush off.

Why You Should Pick Her

As seen in the Melty Blood Type Lumina roster, she is one of the few characters who wield a long weapon in fights. Most of the characters often use shorter bladed weapons, magical powers, household items, and even barefists to fight. The trailer featured Noel with many movement options and fast strikes even though she has a large weapon in tow.

This design is similar to the characters from Under Night In-birth series which is the previous work of this fighting game's developer, French Bread. Most of the characters from this title featured characters with long weapons that all have surprising agility once the player understands how their attacks work. Potentially, Noel could be this type of character once the game releases on September 30, 2021.


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