Melty Blood Type Lumina: Miyako Arima, Vlov Arkhangel Moveset Showcased, Features Strengths Of Brawlers, Zoners

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Type Moon Games has recently showcased more of the moveset of Miyako Arima and Vlov Arkhangel. The gameplay showcase featured an exciting matchup between a brawler rushdown character and a keepaway zoner. Here's what we saw on the gameplay reveal.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Miyako Arima Vs Vlov Arkhangel Showcase

As seen on the gameplay showcase, the duel between Miyako Arima and Vlov Arkhangel is an unlikely matchup. In the Tsukihime story, Miyako Arima is nowhere to be found and is most likely seen only on the previous versions of Tsukihime and Melty Blood. Meanwhile, Vlov Arkhangel is one of the new characters introduced in the Tsukihime visual novel released this 2021.


The meetup of these two characters was only made possible through this iteration of Melty Blood Type Lumina. For now, players can witness a duel of a young Bajiquan martial arts student and a powerful vampire in this game.

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Brawler Rushdown

As seen in her playstyle, Miyako Arima is a rushdown brawler that benefits well if she gets close to her foes. To close the gap, Miyako is equipped with various special attacks that rapidly move her forward and inch her closer to her foe. Once she gets in, her normal attacks are made slightly faster than most of the cast which allows her to pressure foes well.


However, Miyako's problem is that her special attacks cannot be used carelessly and can be punished if they miss. Meanwhile, her normal attacks are also stubbier than the rest of the cast which put her in trouble if she can't find a way to close in to hurt the foe.

In Melty Blood Type Lumina, Miyako Arima's EX special moves are jump cancellable on hit which are avenues to extend her combos if they hit. Overall, this character has a strong potential in combos.

Zoning Your Foes

On the other end, Vlov Arkhangel is built to be a keepaway zoner that excels in keeping his foes out of his face. Vlov's character archetype works best if his enemies are away from him as he is equipped with alot of tools to keep them far.


As seen from his fireballs, icicles, and wide sword swings, Vlov has good options when his opponent are far from him. Players who want to win as Vlov should get comfortable in throwing stuff in the way of his opponents and denying them space as they try to get in.

In this showcase, Vlov Arkhangel was ultimately overwhelmed with Miyako Arima's attacks. Potentially, the next showcase could show these two characters facing off again with Vlov taking the victory similar to the previous reveals.

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