Melty Blood Type Lumina: New Reveals Explain Shield, Moon Drive, Various Mechanics In Game

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Before the game's release, Melty Blood Type Lumina's gameplay systems were broken down for the Japanese audience. Moon Drive, Shield, and other special moves were discussed on how to use them. Here's what we got from those reveals.

Moon Drive


Prior to these reveals, the Moon Drive system has shown mostly as a power-up state that characters would do in the past gameplay reveals on the Type Moon Games trailers. However, this new reveal from the official Gamer Youtube channel from Japan explains what this mode does.

The Moon Drive system can be activated to before and during combos to extend your character's combo and movement potential. Once this mode is activated, players can have a maximum of two extra jumps and two airdashes. For some characters, this advantage can be used to confuse a blocking opponent and extend air juggles for more hits.

This power-up mode also pauses the timer and grants gradual meter gain which can help players clutch out a round. Unlike most power-up modes in fighting games, the Moon Drive often regenerates fairly fast and can be used up to twice or thrice in a full match.

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On the other end, Melty Blood Type Lumina also gets the defensive Shield system from the previous entries. For this game, players have three options to use after successfully parrying an attack with Shield. On parry, players can launch, teleport behind their foe, or an invincible lunging attack that goes diagonally upward through foe.


Each option has their weakness and the parried player can also their own Shield parry to defend against their enemy's choice. Lastly, the invincible lunging attack costs some of the Moon Drive meter which makes players less likely to rely on it when behind on resources.

Rapid Beat


Similar to most new fighting games as of late, Melty Blood Type Lumina has its own brand of autocombo system called the Rapid Beat. Mashing the same button regardless if it's A, B, or C after landing a hit will initiate an autocombo and force the character to finish the confirm with a generic, low-damage combo.

New players can rely on this system to give them advantageous situations but rely less on it as they level up in playing the game. The Rapid Beat system disables the Reverse Beat system of Melty Blood Type Lumina which denies a player of opening up a foe with great defense.

To avoid using the Rapid Beat, players can hold Back during certain normal attacks to prevent it from activating. At best, players can link up to three light jabs before the game prevents them from spamming it. After these jabs, players will need to link a different attack to continue their pressure.

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