Melty Blood Type Lumina: How To Turn Off Auto Combo

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In Melty Blood Type Lumina, players can create combos from the first hit to finishing by mashing a single button. This auto-combo feature can be helpful initially, but players aiming to land high-damage combos should avoid it.

Here's what you need to know about auto-combos:


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How To Auto-Combo

Before trying to stop it, players should understand how to make an auto-combo. Whether an A, B, or C attack has been landed, players can continue by pressing the same button they hit their foe with. A full auto-combo string works like this:

Hit Confirm (A, B, or C)>Auto-combo filler (Same button)>Auto-combo Launcher>2 or 3 Air Hits>Air Throw Ender

Most Melty Blood Type Lumina combos include launching foes and knocking them down on the floor. Auto-combo is a good showcase of how combos look in this fighting game.


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How To Stop Autocombo

Melty Blood Type Lumina Auto Combo
Melty Blood Type Lumina Auto Combo

Auto-combo can help players at the start but this system feels like a training wheel, limiting players when relied upon too much. A generic auto-combo has less damage and almost no advantage on the foe. Ideally, you'll need to stop relying on this feature as you progress.


As mashing buttons are inevitable to buffer certain attacks and special moves, the developers have implemented a feature which allows players to stop auto-combos from immediately appearing when they press.

To prevent auto-combos, hold backward movement to avoid triggering auto-combo immediately after a jab. Players can link three standing or crouching jabs at most until the enemy's hit with an auto-combo, or goes outside of character range. This technique can only prevent auto-combo for a few hits and still appears if all options are spent.

For other attack buttons, holding backward won't work and players must remember to use the Reverse Beat system to not activate the auto-combo.

Put simply, Reverse Beat lets players keep using standing/crouching versions of A, B, or C normal attacks in any order. That's providing the attacks lands and hasn't been previously used in a combo string. If repeated, that button press becomes the auto-combo filler.


When To Omit Auto-Combo

If you're aiming for advanced combos for optimal damage, it's always welcome to omit auto-combo fillers and strings. Unique buttons hitting foes will improve combo damage and look cool when hits. If you're aiming to get combos that reach over 3000 damage, auto-combos must be omitted.

However, players could often meet unfamiliar situations and often snag an auto-combo in panic. If you're still aiming for decent damage, players must special cancel or super cancel the auto-combo filler, improving attack damage.

At higher levels of play, auto-combo is mainly used to stabilize combos, which can be easily linked with special moves.