Melty Blood Type Lumina: How To Play As Shiki Tohno

With Melty Blood Type Lumina's recent release, you've got fighters who work best for new players jumping into this game. A good start to learning the gameplay mechanics would be its main hero, Shiki Tohno. Here how you can play Shiki Tohno in Melty Blood Type Lumina.

Who Is Shiki Tohno To Melty Blood Type Lumina?

In Melty Blood Type Lumina, Shiki Tohno is the main hero, similar to the Tsukihime - A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon - visual novel this game's based on. While he looks like a regular high school kid in an anime show, Shiki Tohno holds a power called the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception." That allows Shiki to see lines across everything in the world, and tracing these lines with a blade will immediately destroy or kill it.

Despite his power's destructive potential, Shiki Tohno strives to live a regular life, up until he gets tangled up in trouble with all-powerful creatures of the night and vampire hunters.

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Shiki Tohno's Moveset

As a fighting game character, Shiki Tohno's moveset reflects a character with the ultimate power to kill but is an untrained fighter at that. Nevertheless, he's from the family bloodline of demon-slaying assassins that he can subconsciously tap into to improve his fighting ability. These are his special moves and supers in fights written in Numpad Notation:

  • Flash Sheath - Single Strike - 236A/236B/236C/236B+C
  • Flash Run - Six Fish - 623A/623B/623C/623B+C
  • Flash Run - Double Strike - 214A/214B/214C/214B+C
    • Followup - A/B/C
  • Flash Run - Six Fish(midair) - 236A/236B/236C/236B+C
  • Flash Sheath - Eight Piercings - 22A/22B+C (requires landing one Boundary Peek super)
  • Flash Sheath - Seven Nights - 22B (requires landing one Boundary Peek super)
  • Flash Sheath - Eight Points - 22C (requires landing one Boundary Peek super)
  • Boundary Peek - 236B+C (requires 3 Magic Circuit meter or in Heat mode)
  • Testify - Seventeen Dissection - ABCD or Shield a hit while in Blood Heat (requires four Magic Circuit meter or in Blood Heat mode)

Overall, most of Shiki Tohno's attacks and special moves aren't geared too much on strength, but are still well-balanced and speedy which makes them reliable in fights. Due to the speed advantage, Shiki Tohno can be a good fit for beginners who've yet to decide on their playstyle.

Shiki Tohno Combos

For his combos, Shiki Tohno's players can rely on the traditional inputs of the previous Melty Blood systems where this character starts air juggling his foes when he launches or sweeps them. Here are some examples to get started:

  • 5C>2C>5B>Jump>Jumping B>Jumping C>Jump Cancel>Jumping B>Jumping C>Air Throw
  • 2C>5C>Jump>Jumping B>Jumping C>Jump Cancel>Jumping B>Jumping C>Air Throw

Since Shiki Tohno is a starter character, they're a good entryway to understanding basic gameplay before learning more advantageous combos down the line. If all else fails, feel free to rely on the autocombo system, where mashing the same attack button can launch/end combos for some players if they don't know how to yet.

Shiki Tohno Beginner's Guide

As Shiki Tohno, most of his matchups often require him to land a clean hit. Beginner players must be ready to send Shiki as close to his foe as possible and get ready to brawl for clean hit. Once a hit is landed, players must find a way to launch his foes using his sweep or some of his special moves to start his air juggles. Shiki's combos can be simple and don't require any specific timing aside from feeling the hits of his jumping B attack for air combos.

Once you've got a feel for combos, players can focus on building up their defence reactions, such as using the invulnerable versions of Flash Run - Six Fish at the right times and interrupting foes at their right pressure gaps. After that, players can get a feel of the game's systems at a leisurely pace. The beginner's goal to play Shiki Tohno is to have fun with his simple tools and apply them, even at the sloppiest execution, as long as it feels right.

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