Melty Blood Type Lumina: How To Customize Character Colors

In Melty Blood Type Lumina, players are allowed to make their own colors for their characters in the game. Players can also bring these custom colors to battle and show it off to their friends and foes. Here's what we know about color customization system in Melty Blood Type Lumina

How To Color Customize

From the game's main menu, players must choose the Customize mode and pick the last option on the list inside that. Players will then be introduced to selection of the current roster. Picking one of them will immediately show the player on the customizable parts of the character and color them as they please.

With enough creativity or just plain whim, players can mix and match colors to fully change the outfit of their character and even make a reference of a different character with the colors.

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The Limits Of The System

However, the color customization has its limits as players only have five sections of the character that they can change the palettes of. Additionally, each section only has ten available palettes to apply which limits the customization process. Lastly, players only have three slots to save their customized colors in the game.

As of now, players don't have an access to a specialized color wheel and have other advanced options to get the right mix of colors for their palettes.

Where To Get More Colors

As of now, Type Moon Games doesn't have any other way to give players more color palettes for the customize mode. Players will have to wait for future updates and DLC releases to get more colors for their characters.

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