Melty Blood Type Lumina: Character Palette Customization Confirmed

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In Melty Blood Type Lumina, Type Moon Games have added a feature which allows players to customize colors. Unlike most fighting games, this game offers more than just alternate colors to their favorite characters. Players can actually make their own.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Color Customization


As seen in the official Melty Blood Type Lumina Twitter page, the developers have confirmed that color customization is now possible in this game. Players will be given tools to edit some of the alternate colors in the game. Players can mix and match character colors as they please.

This character color feature is rare in most fighting games. At best, the PC versions of fighting games support modding which allow players to get new skins in. The customization is possible but not to the hands of casual players who don't have an idea on how to make mods.

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More Than Alternate Colors

Melty Blood Type Lumina's character color editor is actually robust. Players have ten customization options to choose from. Each palette can be customized further as long as players understand how to mix colors. After making the palette, players can apply it to certain parts of the character's costume.

So far, players can edit hair color, clothing, and accessories on the character depending on who they're editing. The examples shown in the Tweet were Arcueid Brunestud, Shiki Tohno, and the tag character version of Hisui and Kohaku.

Editing Almost Everything

Through this system, players can actually alter the costume depending on the part they're editing. As seen on Arcueid Brunestud's custom colors, players can actually change her leggings into cycling shorts or thigh high stockings if the right part is colored. Meanwhile, some strap lines can be added to Shiki Tohno's pants even though his original design doesn't have those.


On release, players can get creative to make new colors to style or even annoy their foes depending on the colors they choose.

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