Melty Blood Type Lumina: Arcueid Brunestud Gameplay Trailer Revealed, More Info About Shield Parries, Moon Drive Showcased

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Type Moon Games has released its fourth gameplay video that features yet another fight between Akiha Tohno and Arcueid Brunestud. However, this gameplay features some of the Shield mechanics and Moon Drive mechanics related to the Shield options. Here's what we know about this gameplay trailer.

Arcueid Wins This Time

In this gameplay trailer, Arcueid Brunestud wins this time around. So far, the gameplay trailer has already exhausted the moves of both characters in the previous. So far, the reveals are not too important right now outside from the other showcases they've seen on the other characters.


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Shield And The Its Options

As seen in this gameplay trailer, Melty Blood Type Lumina's Shield parry system has specific follow ups which allow players to immediately retaliate on a successful parry. Players have an option to hit to interrupt a foe's pressure or teleport behind them to deliver a surprise attack to stop them.

At best, the Shield mechanics in Melty Blood Type Lumina can help players to have a definite way to escape pressure.


Moon Drive and Shield

Aside from just parrying attacks, the Shield followups have a direct effect on the Moon Drive when used. The teleport followup after a Shield drains a large portion of the Moon Drive which can discourage players from relying on this option. Meanwhile, the hit followup can restore a large portion of the Moon Drive when used. At best, players must be careful and manage their Moon Drive gauge well if aiming to rely on the Shield followup.

On the other end, the Moon Drive regeneration is generous for this game. If a game lasts up to the final round, most players can often activate Moon Drive for at least two to three times in the full match. Most comeback mechanics that boost stats can only be used once in every fighting game. The Moon Drive can be lenient in lending its aid to the players looking for a boost to overwhelm their foe faster.

Lastly, the Moon Drive doesn't freeze the match timer as it is activated in the match. However, the Heat mode which steadily drains on use the character's Magic Circuit meter can stop time which can be used to clutch out long rounds to win the game.


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