Melty Blood Type Lumina: Another Spoiler Character To Be Revealed This September

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Type Moon Games has recently announced an incoming reveal this September for the 11th character included in Melty Blood Type Lumina. This 11th character's identity is also confirmed to be a spoiler similar to the previous reveal. Here's what we know about this character.

Melty Blood Type Lumina 11th Character Reveal Is A Spoiler

As seen on the official Melty Blood Type Lumina Twitter page, another character reveal is incoming this September 17. Similar to the 10th character reveal, this character will also be a spoiler. To know who this character is, we'll have to wait for the reveal to know who this character will be.


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Another Villain

Before this reveal, Type Moon Games have also gave a spoiler heads-up for the 10th character before he was revealed in the game. This 10th character was Michael Roa Valdamjong who was a centuries-old vampire that had electric-based powers. In the original series, Roa has an unhealthy obsession to kill Arcueid Brunestud and has been trying to do so for many centuries as he can resurrect after every death. To prevent Roa from killing Arcueid, the main protagonists had to beat him to the punch and kill him first.

Potentially, this new character reveal could be another villain from the latest Tsukihime - A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon -. As seen in the promotional poster at the end of the Hisui and Kohaku gameplay trailer, one character in the Melty Blood Type Lumina art has an obscured, darkened face. This unknown character could be the 11th character to be revealed soon.


New Side Characters

Aside from the villains, the visual novel that Melty Blood Type Lumina was based from also introduced some new side characters that were not present in the previous entries. Since they're just going to be introduced now, their inclusion could also be a spoiler for the players who are still waiting for this visual novel's English translation.

These characters could be the two new characters in the Tohno household namely Dr. Arach and Goto Saiki. Dr. Arach is a peculiar character who can be considered as a mad scientist of sorts. Meanwhile, Goto Saiki a sharply dressed man with his face wrapped in black bandages. While not a main villain, Saiki's presence in the latest visual novel is mostly antagonistic to Shiki Tohno.

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