Melty Blood Type Lumina: 12th Character Reveal To Be Third Spoiler Reveal

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Type Moon Games has recently confirmed that Melty Blood Type Lumina will get another character reveal this September. This character will also be the third time that the game will get a "spoiler" character as they have appeared in the visual novel that this fighting game was based from. Here's what we know about this new character.

Melty Blood Type Lumina 13th Character Reveal


As seen on the official Melty Blood Type Lumina Twitter page, the developers are planning to announce the next character to be included in the fighting game this September 24. This character will be the 13th character reveal for this game.

Aside from this character's inclusion, the developers have also confirmed again that this new face will be a spoiler for the Tsukihime - A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon - visual novel. For sure, this character will be introduced late into the story of either routes.


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Another Villain

This new character could another villain introduced in the new Tsukihime visual novels. However, the two main villains for the two available story routes are already included in this fighting game namely Michael Roa Valdamjong and Vlov Arkhangel.

If this character would be another villain, it could be the vampire version of Noel. Depending on the route that player pursues in the visual novel, Noel could end up getting bitten by Vlov Arkhangel which triggers her change to a vampire. As a creature of the night, Noel gets new powers such as a deadly mind telepathy link to her victims and sprouting thorny vines to seek her foes in battle.


Could Be An Ally

Alternatively, the reveal could also be an ally to the protagonist which were just introduced in the new Tsukihime visual novel. These characters could be Dr. Arach and Goto Saiki who are employed under the Tohno household similar to Hisui and Kohaku.

This character could also be Aozaki Aoko which is a mentor figure to Shiki Tohno and is the primary reason for his current outlook in life. As a character, Aoko's powers lie on magecraft which allow her to shoot lasers to her foes and topped off with martial arts as she once did in the previous Melty Blood entries.

For now, we'll just have to wait to know who this character will be.

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